Leigh Rorke en Job Hive Recruitment Consultant • First Personnel 21/9/2016 · 1 min de lectura · ~100

Good Recruitment Companies Won't...

Good Recruitment Companies Won't...

  • Good recruitment companies won’t ask you to fill out endless forms in an online job application, detailing every job you’ve ever held, when you arrived there and when you left, and then also require you to upload your resume. That’s a sure sign that their recruiting process hasn’t been upgraded since the 1990s!

  • Good recruitment companies don’t employ recruiters (either internal or external) who pepper you with questions before they’ve taken the time to explain the role. They won’t ask you to undergo an interrogation before hearing about the job.

  • Good recruitment companies won’t ‘bait and switch’ you by advertising one job and then interviewing you for a completely different one.

  • Good recruitment companies won’t demand your list of references before you and they have established a strong mutual interest — and certainly not before they’ve met you!

  • Good recruitment companies won’t discuss salary early in the interviewing process and tell you “Your salary target sounds fine” and then surprise you with a job offer that is far below your designated salary target.

  • Good recruitment companies won’t take you, your time or your talent for granted. They know that the only thing that powers their success is the commitment of smart and capable people like you.


Good Recruitment Companies Won't...Good Recruitment Companies Won't...