Leo Erwin Garcia - Three Ways to Find Commercial Photography Clients

Leo Erwin Garcia is a freelance photographer based in New York. Leo Erwin Garcia graduated from the University of New York and immediately started to look for any jobs in which Leo Erwin Garcia could practice her art. Over time, Leo Erwin Garcia developed enough skills and a network that allowed her to start looking for clients on her own. Her career as a freelancer had begun. Early on, and even continuing now, Leo Erwin Garcia has found many clients that need her skills for commercial photography. Here are three ways to find commercial photography clients:

Judge your portfolio. Take a long, hard, emotionless look at your photography portfolio before you start showing it to any companies. Looks for pictures that showcase your ability to capture people and things that could be used for ads. For example, a man on a sandy beach isn’t selling anything, but a man listening to music on a waterproof device on the beach… there’s a product there.

Research and seek out local clients. Leo Erwin Garcia and other freelancers seek out local clients first because it’s easier to meet in person with their representatives. The chances are also higher that they will keep feeding you work in the future if they know you live close and are reliable.

Actively market yourself. Too many freelance photographers sit by their phone and wait for clients to call. Leo Erwin Garcia learned early on that if she was going to find commercial photography clients, Leo Erwin Garcia was going to have to reach out and find clients regularly. Make a point to reach out to clients and market yourself directly to them as often as possible.

Leo Erwin Garcia still lives and works in New York. Follow Leo Erwin Garcia On Twitter https://twitter.com/leoerwingarcia

Leo Erwin Garcia - Three Ways to Find Commercial Photography Clients