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Carry-on Essentials for Long Flights

Carry-on Essentials for Long Flights

Even for people who enjoy flying, long flights can be tough. Not only do you have the hassle of dealing with airport security and checking luggage, but then you have to endure the flight. So when you’re in it for the long haul, what can you do to keep yourself comfortable? Here are some carry-on essentials that will help you pass the time and remain relatively comfortable on your flight. 

Sturdy Adaptable Bag
It should go without saying that you need to make sure that whatever bag you’re going to use for your carry-on will hold up. Also, check with your airline before traveling to ensure that it meets all size requirements. Make sure it has an accessible compartment for your plane tickets, passport/visa, and any other important documents. 

Food & Water
No matter how long your flight, some snacks, and water are essential. Snacks can be anything that will satisfy you and keep you feeling full. Mid-flight meals provided aren’t always going to be enough to meet your needs, so it’s good to bring your own just in case. Not only that, you’ll avoid paying for overpriced snacks. Staying hydrated can help prevent jet lag, so make sure you have some stored away before boarding the plane. You can bring your own empty water bottle to fill or buy water post-security. 

We’ve all heard the horror stories about someone’s checked luggage not arriving at their destination until hours or sometimes days later. Ensure that you have them by packing any necessary medications in your carry-on, just in case. 

Cell Phone and Charger
Our phones travel everywhere with us, and most of us would feel lost without them. Make sure to pack a charger to keep it powered up. 

Scarf/Travel Wrap
You never quite know what you’ll get when it comes to cabin temperatures, so it’s best to be prepared. A scarf/travel wrap can double as a blanket if you need some extra layers to brave arctic conditions. 

Long flights can be tedious and boring, so pack something that will keep you entertained.

When you want to escape into your own little world, headphones will come in handy. Whether you’re drowning out the crying baby or listening to your favorite tunes, you’ll be glad you packed them.

Packing a few creature comforts in your carry-on when your traveling can make all the difference in your flight. Ensuring that you have the necessities to remain comfortable is a way to ensure your trip starts on the right foot. 

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Robert Bensh | Houston TX Sep 5, 2019 · #1

Don't forget to include toiletries and a change of clothes in case your checked bag gets lost!