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Make Your Home More Energy-Efficient

Make Your Home More Energy-Efficient

Energy efficiency remains a topic of discussion, especially as it relates to burning fossil fuels that affect weather conditions through the release of greenhouse gasses. While this is clearly a long-term issue, there are relatively simple solutions for making your home more energy efficient to mitigate the impact on your electricity bill. Below are several examples.

Unplug Electronic Devices
There are few homes that don’t have multiple electronic devices. Whether a Smartphone or a laptop, you probably have a device plugged in right now. While it’s often necessary to make sure your devices are fully charged, you can unplug them during certain times of the day or night. At the very least, you can unplug your chargers when they are not being used.

Use Ceiling Fans
Ceiling fans are highly beneficial when it comes to lowering the temperature in your home. Even if the air conditioner is on, the use of a ceiling fan can reduce the amount of energy used by lowering the temperature by several degrees. This decreases the amount of time the air conditioner needs to run.

Install Smart Thermostats
Smart thermostats are growing in popularity because you can program them based on your comfort level. It’s a great way to make sure the temperature isn’t higher or lower than necessary. A smart device will make adjustments to the temperature based on the usage patterns of your family. During weekdays when everyone is at work or school, the temperature will be adjusted to ensure energy isn’t wasted.

Seal Gaps and Cracks
Leaking air is a complete waste of money, especially during the winter and summer months when your heating and air condition system is used the most. It’s estimated that you can reduce costs by 10 percent by sealing gaps and cracks in your windows and doors. You can also add insulation throughout your home for the same purpose.

Choose Energy Efficient Appliances
If you have older model appliances, there’s a good chance that you’re wasting money. Modern dishwashers use far less water than older models. You can save gallons of water with every use. Although it does require you to make the initial investment, a certified Energy Star appliance will pay for itself after a short period of time.

These are several ways that you can make your home more energy-efficient. 

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