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Millennials’ Wishlist for the Housing Market

Millennials’ Wishlist for the Housing Market

Millennials have been timid homebuyers for many years. Millennials are bucking more traditional lifestyles that emphasize immobility for more transient and independent lives that embrace modernity. As this generation ages, they are starting to buy homes in droves. Millennials want to purchase homes that compliment their lifestyle. The tech-forward, instant-gratification generation wants homes that function for busy lives. These are the features millennials are looking for the most when entering the housing market.

Large Kitchens
Millennials prefer large kitchens that make entertaining easy. Kitchen islands allow more room for storage and a centerpiece in the kitchen for serving food. Along with a large room, millennials buying homes want kitchens that have new appliances. Large refrigerators and stainless steel attract these buyers.

Smart Homes
The Millennial generation is on the pulse of technological advances. They want their homes to reflect the modern age in which they live while making their lives more convenient. Smart home systems are very popular with millennials. These systems allow users to control settings, such as air conditioning and heating, through WiFi. Some homes have built-in personal assistants. Even appliances can have smart home technology, such as refrigerators that order groceries.

Extra Rooms
The generation that craves amenities feels the same about homes. Millennials want homes that have more square feet overall and bonus rooms.

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