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Top 4 Real Estate Projects in the Garden State

Top 4 Real Estate Projects in the Garden State

The Garden State, more formally referred to as New Jersey, is home to a massive burst of real estate development activity. Some of these projects are exceptionally ambitious and really stand out from the crowd. Adding a new look to the New Jersey skyline, some of the most notable architects and civil engineers on the planet are working with multi-billion dollar budgets to build some new and exciting landmarks. Some of these projects are breathtaking in their sheer scope and size.

Broad Street Axis Estimated to cost a whopping 1 billion dollars, this 3.7-acre project is being undertaken by SJP Properties. The sprawling project seeks to repurpose over 2 million square feet of land that was once occupied by the Westinghouse Company building in central Newark. The area has been completely abandoned since the 1980s, so city planners and officials will enjoy seeing the space put to good use. Several skyscrapers, residential buildings, and commercial buildings will be included in the development plan.

Riverton The area in New Jersey near the Raritan River around Sayreville used to be the home of the behemoth manufacturing plant known as the National Lead Industries paint factory. The 400-acre site will be redeveloped into a massive 2.5 billion dollar housing project that will feature more than 1,000 individual residential buildings. Another 750,000 square feet of the land will also be used to build a large commercial sector, featuring hotels, a shopping mall, and more.

Asbury Park Waterfront The waterfront shore in Asbury Park contains 35 acres of premium real estate. iStar, a major real estate developer in New Jersey, has set aside over a billion dollars to redevelop the area into an upscale residential and commercial sector. Plans for the project include hundreds of townhouses, high-class condominiums, giant hotels, and huge entertainment centers.

99 Hudson The development company known as China Overseas America is seeking to build a giant 79-story skyscraper in New Jersey City. The building will be known as 99 Hudson, and upon completion, it will be the tallest building ever built in its home city. Total construction costs for the building will likely reach just over 1 billion dollars. Highlights of the project include 781 spacious and elegant condominium units. The building will also house a 3,000 square foot swimming pool.

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