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When Should You DIY vs. Hiring a Contractor?

When Should You DIY vs. Hiring a Contractor?

Buying a home is exciting, and homeownership is a big deal. There’s more than just the mortgage that you have to think about. There’s also insurance, property taxes, utilities, and home improvement projects. Given the potential costs involved, there’s always the consideration of making repairs a do-it-yourself project instead of hiring a contractor. While there are many projects you can handle on your own, there are some repairs that require the expertise of a contractor. Let’s delve into factors you’ll have to consider thoroughly.

Safety Considerations
You absolutely need to hire a contractor for any projects that could pose a safety hazard. For instance, electrical work is something that could put your life and the life of your family at risk if it isn’t handled properly. There’s a higher risk of fire when mistakes are made on electrical wiring. Similarly, roofing repairs can also be dangerous, which might depend on the type of roof you have. Either way, inherently risky projects should be reserved for professionals. It can give you peace of mind, especially if you’ve hired someone that’s certified.

Impact On Your Home’s Value
Your home may be the most valuable asset that you own, which is why you need to protect it. Trying to do-it-yourself when dealing with a severe issue could negatively affect your home’s value. For instance, while painting isn’t necessarily a difficult task, if you’re not good at it, you should hire a contractor for the exterior. Why? Because you need to maintain curb appeal. A more severe issue would be a plumbing problem. Improperly repairing a leak could result in mold that you don’t find out about until significant damage has already been done.

Time Constraints
There are a lot of projects that can be time-consuming, especially if you are not skilled in that area. A home improvement project can disrupt your entire home life and cause a lot of frustration. If you want it to be over sooner than later, you should hire a contractor. If time is a non-issue, you can work on projects at your leisure.

Whether it’s flooring, a paint job, or a kitchen backsplash, you’ll need to consider these factors before moving forward.

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