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Small details that will spoil your professional look

Making a good impression in the business world is an amazing start for a lasting collaboration or a big sale. However, there are plenty of ways to spoil the professional look of yours. You may not even be aware of those, but they impact the way in which your business partners or clients perceive you. If you want to be sincere with yourself, you will admit that your appearance, male or female, has the potential to influence your business relations, and this has been proven by several papers and studies. If you want to keep a highly professional, polished look, don’t hesitate to follow the advice below.

Small details that will spoil your professional look

Traces of animal fur or lint on your clothes

Animal lover or not, you have to make sure that all your professional clothing remains spotless at all times. Having a companion is not an excuse for unkempt clothing that shows signs and traces of lint or animal fur. Before leaving your house, make sure that you use a lint roller, especially on dark-coloured items, but not exclusively. Also, make sure that you have at all times a lint roller in your car, purse or a desk drawer at your office. Check your appearance frequently, and make sure to touch it up before all business meetings.

Neglecting how important ironing your clothes is

If you activate in a demanding field or on a demanding position, you may be sometimes too busy for daily tasks or chores. But this is no excuse for showing up with wrinkly clothes, especially in highly professional business environments. If you really lack the time, have them ironed professionally and forget about this task, but make sure not to show up at work as if you pulled your shirt out of a dirty laundry basket. Preventive measures will also help you main