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Small details that will spoil your professional look

Making a good impression in the business world is an amazing start for a lasting collaboration or a big sale. However, there are plenty of ways to spoil the professional look of yours. You may not even be aware of those, but they impact the way in which your business partners or clients perceive you. If you want to be sincere with yourself, you will admit that your appearance, male or female, has the potential to influence your business relations, and this has been proven by several papers and studies. If you want to keep a highly professional, polished look, don’t hesitate to follow the advice below.

Small details that will spoil your professional look

Traces of animal fur or lint on your clothes

Animal lover or not, you have to make sure that all your professional clothing remains spotless at all times. Having a companion is not an excuse for unkempt clothing that shows signs and traces of lint or animal fur. Before leaving your house, make sure that you use a lint roller, especially on dark-coloured items, but not exclusively. Also, make sure that you have at all times a lint roller in your car, purse or a desk drawer at your office. Check your appearance frequently, and make sure to touch it up before all business meetings.

Neglecting how important ironing your clothes is

If you activate in a demanding field or on a demanding position, you may be sometimes too busy for daily tasks or chores. But this is no excuse for showing up with wrinkly clothes, especially in highly professional business environments. If you really lack the time, have them ironed professionally and forget about this task, but make sure not to show up at work as if you pulled your shirt out of a dirty laundry basket. Preventive measures will also help you maintain your shirts looking amazing, and you should look into those as well. A good advice would be to have them dried on a hanger. This will reduce the appearance of the wrinkles, and those that appear, will be easy to remove.

Forgetting to remove your hair ties from your wrists

Especially women, out of necessity or forgetfulness, oftentimes wear hair ties as bracelets or forget to remove those after untying their hair. However, some voices claim that this rather small detail will spoil the professional image of a business person, no matter how professional they are in their jobs otherwise.

The appearance of your skin will make or break amazing deals

A better skin will make you more ”able-looking” so it’s worth to put efforts in improving your skin. In the book “Subliminal: How Your Unconscious Mind Rules Your Behaviour”, Leonard Mlodinow is approaching the matter of how the appearance if influencing our social and business behaviour. People with healthier skin are generally perceived as healthier, and in business the health status is influencing the willingness of potential collaborators to close deals and make business with a certain company. If the CEO is a young, healthy individual and it shows, shareholders, collaborators and potential big clients are more likely to close the deal. Men or women, the gender is irrelevant when it comes to how people in business environments perceive you based on the appearance of your skin. Thus, if your skin is showing signs of ageing, search for a dermal filler clinic in Oxfordshire, or nearby your current location and make an appointment. If your skin is showing hyperpigmentation signs, you should consider investing in dedicated face creams and masks, or have a skin tone correcting session at reputable clinics or salons. Make sure to choose professional places since your skin’s health is in discussion. The specialists at Lumiere Medispa advise those interested in cosmetic treatments and skincare interventions to always identify an establishment with professional staff and to never visit uncertified clinics, for the best results.

Well-fitting clothes are a rule of the thumb

Wearing flattering and well-fitting clothes will make you look more professional, put together and tidy. Business persons usually prefer to have their clothing tailored in order to achieve the most flattering silhouette for their particular body type. Both males and females in various business environments are seen better by their colleagues, collaborators, investors and even competitors if their clothing fits them perfectly.

Wearing appropriate shoes and jewellery is mandatory

Flashy jewellery is to be avoided in business environments as it can make you look unprofessional. The same goes for shoes. Those should be comfortable and should follow the dress code. Sneakers are never an option for such environments. Those wearing makeup should be mindful of their technique and should make sure that they don’t exaggerate. Discretion is the key. If you don’t master the art of applying makeup, you can either skip this part, either perfect your technique. A poorly-done makeup will make you look messy, unkempt and unprofessional.

Make sure to never show too much skin

Career advancement is strongly related to the way your superiors see you and what message you transmit through your appearance. Showing too much skin will almost always send the wrong message, and it is very probably to compromise your career. Strapless dresses, skirts that are too short, plunging necklines, these should be avoided in corporate and business environments.

Not cleaning your shoes

We mentioned how important it is to wear appropriate shoes for the environment and occasion, but you should also make sure that your shoes are spotless at all times. Before leaving your vehicle, make sure to clean your shoes with a wet wipe and then a dry one. This way all the dirt that might have gotten caught on your shoes will disappear in seconds and your image and reputation will remain spotless.

These are some things that might compromise your professional appearance, in most business environments in today’s day and time. Make sure to avoid these mistakes in order to secure yourself a steady and safe career advancement, and a better collaboration with your investors and clients.

Great reminders, @Lewis Stuart. Attire and grooming is part of one's brand. It's important we take our professional appearance seriously and look our best.