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Don't let my son's illness be in vain.

My son has a very serious often life threatening mental illness. He has suffered from this for many years after he experienced unavoidable childhood trauma. The trauma left him fearing rejection and as a consequence he projects his anger out on to himself through fear of more rejection. As a result for the last eight years he has been unable to move forward with his life either academically, creatively or relationship wise.

As a young child and later as a teenager he was very advanced for his years achieving many awards one of which being talented and gifted both academically and in the helping of fellow students and piers, he also excelled in many sporting activities with his favourite hobby being computer programming.

 For the last eight years of his life he has had to rely on the mental health system. His team of carers consist of psychiatrist, social worker and community psychiatric nurse all of which change constantly and have continuously let my son down with failure to address his illness. He has been overdosed, sectioned, left homeless, placed in vulnerable circumstances and abused by fellow patients and staff members. We as a family have repeatedly asked for a correct diagnosis for his condition so that a psychotherapist can help do a case history to enable his past to be worked through, Don't let my son's illness be in vain.in turn removing any emotional blocks so that he may move forward with his life. But this has been refused time and time again.

My son's very words yesterday where '' mum why aren't they helping me?''

When consultant psychiatrists refuse to listen to the patients history and ignore the family do we then think that the mental health system is incompetent, or do we see it as a money making racket for pharmaceutical benefit ? When social workers lie and fail to perform a duty of care, do we put this down to inadequacy or the fact that they are trapped in a system that prevents them from thinking for themselves?

I have written to the local MP and the general medical council complaining of my son's barbaric treatment and the persistence of an incorrect diagnosis but know one can argue the psychiatrists decision. Forgive me because this is not my area of expertise but didn't the Nazi psychiatrists get away with similar abuse ?

In order that my son's suffering has purpose and to follow his wishes of preventing others experiencing the same treatment, please ensure if a relative or friend seeks help with the mental health service that you or they are not lied to, and that all voices are listened to.

How many people are pacing the psyche wards suffering from trauma with no means of counselling being offered and the only acknowledgement of there existence is the administering of heavy sedative drugs ? From my experience most, and the wards are full. My son is also forced to take an injection every month of anti-psychotics for an illness that he just doesn't have. The long term side effects of the drug administered is diabetes and Parkinson's disease.

Please do not let his suffering be in vain and share this message we send.

With Thanks Lexie x

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Follow @Joyce 🐝 Bowen Brand Ambassador @ beBee and take a look at her work...You may find it helpful to know there are others out there fighting for people just like your son who have also shared his experience...

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