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Don't let them tell you who you are .

Don't let them tell you who you are .

As I merge into the world my spirit surveys all in wonder.Every cell of my body connects with the energies of life and i am free from the wombed prison that gave birth to my body,for which i  will always be eternally greatful for.

I honour my mother and father with the same love they share for me but as i grow i feel suffocation.I am soon to be an adult and my parents and society expect standards from me.Some standards are acceptable and i accept them as part of my growth but others suppress and consume the very breath of my existence.

In protest i rebel in silence for a while,toying with thoughts and feelings of a lost  freedom. As a child the sun,wind and rain where my best friends and the outdoors gave me the life to which i craved but as a fast approaching adult my only freedom comes from rebellion. As i rebel no one notices my pain and my conclusion to this is that they are also consumed by there own suppressions...............and the years pass.

Freedom rises and falls,I am alive then I endure an awakened sleep for what seems like eternity. I taste an ever increasing bad taste to which i become slowly tired of swallowing, perhaps it's time for a change? Perhaps it's time to wake up?

The sun,wind and rain become my friends again, i have new found passions and the taste of beautiful freedom once again shows it's presence.Occasionally I visit awakened sleep but the moments are now brief as i see clearly now just how much there is to accomplish .

Never give up on your dreams.

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