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Why does the world seen to have gone mad ?

Why does the world seen to have gone mad ?


We live in a mad hectic world with war and greed seeming to be the main focus of it's inhabitants,everyone is out to gain and acheive superiority no matter the cost to life and the planet we live on. I suspect this has always been man's main focus but with an ever increasing population we are experiencing a greater impact then ever before. Greed spreads faster than the plague as we strive to have more than the man next door, the world seems consumed with material gain but why is this ? Because man's sole focus is on form when life is only really all about the formless.

The formless can be described in many ways, the dictionaries description is as follows 'without a clear or definite shape or structure '. Now can you tell me do you have a clear or definate shape or structure ? I know for certain that i don't .My body has been altering and changing since the moment it was conceived.The universe and everything in it is also formless because it is forever changing, even down to the chair you sit on today ,it was not always a chair and i have no doubts that one day it will again be something different.

So that you get the picture here are a few more examples:

What makes the house you live in, is it the bricks and mortar it's made of the space within the bricks and mortar ?