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Using AI in 2018: What to Know

Using AI in 2018: What to Know

Artificial Intelligence is one of the hottest new trends right now because it can be used on a personal level and a business level very effectively. People have been very satisfied with their personal assistants, and companies like Apple, Amazon, and Google have been working hard to ensure they are getting better and better every day. But how are businesses using AI in 2018? Here is what you need to know.

Get your employees trained

The fact of the matter is, employees hate when things change. Most people like to get in a groove and keep doing the same thing every day because they know they are doing it right and they feel confident in the work they are doing. But when things change, people get nervous they aren’t doing it right or they struggle to learn the new technology. Keep this from being a problem in your office by training your employees on how artificial intelligence works and how it can enhance their jobs. If your employees are ready for it, it won’t be such a shock when an artificial company suddenly shows up to get the technology installed.

AI will become default customer service

What’s amazing about artificial intelligence is its ability to use natural human speech patterns and to really come off as being the same as a regular person. This is the main reason why customers don’t even realize they’ve already been interacting with artificial intelligence in many ways when they contact a business. In 2018, it is expected that artificial intelligence will become a default for how people communicate with businesses making it so live agents are able to focus on real problem solving instead of spending so much time answering repetitive questions.

Artificial intelligence use with machine learning

Machine learning is the part that makes artificial intelligence work so well because it is the part of the computer that takes in and analyzes data in real time in order to kick out a response. It is extremely powerful and will be used in 2018 for more than just answering simple questions. This type of technology can be used throughout your company to give recommendations on basic decision making. This is especially useful in a marketing department when machine learning can analyze the behaviors of your audience and tell your company the best ways to interact with your audience. It is something people have been doing for years, but it is more efficient and faster because the machine can look at more data at once and give more accurate recommendations.

Engagement on social media

Artificial intelligence is also extremely helpful with engaging with customers on social media. In 2018, you can expect more businesses to start using t his to ensure the most efficient engagement possible. It can help you determine exactly what to post on social media to drive customer engagement, and it can even offer recommendations on responses to customers who have posted on your social media accounts.

Much more personalization

If there’s one way in which we’ve already seen a progression in marketing and customer service, it is through personalization with customers. Artificial intelligence, however, makes that easier than ever. Personalizing content to the individual can be done through the analysis and breakdown that AI does. Customers will see a huge increase in the amount of personalization from businesses in the coming year as companies become more familiar with the use of artificial intelligence.

The key is that customers can expect to see AI being used more commonly by businesses in 2018 in new, innovative ways. With how quickly the technology advances, it wouldn’t be surprising to see businesses completely changing the way they run in a few short years due to the improvements from AI.

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