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10 Reasons Why Today Is The Perfect Day To Start Something New

There is a huge chance that we woke up today and received the gift of being able to live another day. Again. Over and over again. Just like that. It was served to us. On a golden plate. We did not have to pay for it. It just happened. Some of us opened their eyes with a smile. A bit like the Sunrise. Shining more and more. Others might have thought, 'damn, alarm clock, shut up!' It is all in the perception and we make a choice how we handle the day. In the early morning we manage the setpoint of what happens next.

Being aware of holding a precious gift is a good thing. The next step is what we do with it. Whatever will we do with it? Time is precious. That is a fact. Most of us celebrate only once a year their birthday. A great day to allow all joy to flow in. But what if … today is the day to start something new. The perfect day. The power is in the beginning. And the finishing, of course. And what lies in between these two. Let us focus on 10 reasons why this day is the day to go ahead with a new activity. 

1 Excuses do not serve our evolution. Results are a great motivator.

The day is part of our life. It is present in our awareness. We can choose today to go for an automated life and hide behind every excuse to stay stagnant. It feels comfortable. But it is not more than that. On the other hand, when we train ourselves to be good gardeners of our seeding process, results will come, sooner or later. It is just a matter of time. Let us be patient.

2 Procrastination is not sexy. Taking action is.

'I will do it tomorrow, I promise'. What a great way to create more procrastination. It is not sexy at all. It is the best way to diminish our light. However, if we get out of that mindset and take action, a whole new world opens up. More and more possibilities feel called to come to us and say hello. That is how we create the life we really desire. But it is in our hands only. For most part.

3 Tomorrow is an illusion. Today is real, be real.

Tomorrow is just a concept. The only thing we are sure of is today. When we want to be real, we should treat our day as real. It is a real gift with a demand to sign up for real commitment. We can of course close our eyes and continue to live in illusion. However if we are serious about our contribution to this world, we need to make a difference in our own lives. Let us really live and not pretend to be a human.

4 We need to let go of yesterday to be fully committed to today.

Yesterday is gone, so if we stay connected to yesterday, a part of us is gone as well. How can we truly commit to today, in that case? It is a waste of time. Honestly. The same is valid for everything that holds us back. It is time to let go everything that does not add to our best self. Being fully committed to today brings more gifts to our well-being and happiness. It creates more of the same. Good feelings in overflow.

5 Our energy has a price tag, we better treat it with care.

Resources come with a price tag. Electricity, gaz, water etc, we all know the feeling when we have to pay those bills. It is a good reminder that resources have a value and a price. Our own energy has a price tag too. We can either feel uplifted or drained. We have a responsibility to make the choices that serve our energy levels and not sabotage them. So, we better treat ourselves and our energy with utmost care.

6 We are the lucky ones - living today - with a responsibility to do our best, every day.

Yes, when we made it to this world, we are a proven miracle with miracle power. An extra reason to not waste our lives. This miracle was given to us for a reason. Let us be more grateful. We all have a unique mission and a purpose. We need to act on it or we might as well be reduced to weeds in a garden. They just take room but do not make the whole more beautiful as they are. Let us do our part in this thing called life.

7 We can do so much more, than we make ourselves believe. So why not making it happen, now!

It is easy to shrink ourselves to the minimum. No homework needed. But it is just a weak thought that is not reflecting who we are. We all have lots of potential. So much more than we sometimes realize. If today teaches us that we can do so much more, why not acting upon that new thought? There is magic in the process of making it happen and the universe, as with all good guides, offers us more support when we show that we mean it!

8 Self-limiting beliefs are not stylish, on the contrary. Let us cut them out of our design!

It is wonderful to see people shine. It is sad to see people suffer. We all can decide to do more of what makes us shine. If self-limiting beliefs were part of our clothing, we would be dressed in an ugly way. We need to cut them out of our design before we lose all of our power. Let us do the exercises to become aware of our limits to turn them into positive affirmations. Dress for success!

9 The day is ready for our transformation. What about us?

The day does not judge us. It is like a good friend. Faithful enough to be with us. Again and again. But it is ready for our transformation, as it wants the best for us. So if this day is ready for a better version of us, why should we wait to demonstrate excellence? Each day we are presented with limitless chances to become more of who we are. Today is the day for our transformation. The best day.

10 Nobody is stopping us, so neither should we!

Last but not least. Listen to this. What if nobody ever stopped us? We can be our own strongest ennemies. We can come up with all kind of reasons to not proceed with something or not follow through. So, when nobody is stopping us today, why should we? By becoming our own mentor, we will give back to the world what we owe it. Nature does not send us bills, yet it delivers beauty every day. With ease and grace. Let us become unstoppable, today. Every day.

Let us underline it again. As many times as we need it. Let us repeat it. Let it be the song of today. Today is the best day to take action on what we want to be, what we want to create and how we want to make a difference in our world. Let today be the one! Taking the first step and committing to it is the hardest they say, but also the one that makes us the most proud. Choose to be you. All of you. Now.


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