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A New Season: Leaving The Old Behind

Autumn. A warm jacket. A walk in the forest. A lonely path. Every tree looked at him as to say: "Is this what you wanted?" The question turned around in his head. He could not answer it. He simply could not. It was silent here. A place for peace. He longed for it so long. The air was fresh and soft. A joy to refill his batteries. Surrounded by simple colors of green, brown, yellow, red and orange. He saw a reflection of her in every leaf falling on the ground. With each piece falling, he let go another memory. First it hurted, then it became just a habit. The emotion extinguished. She was just another woman. That is what he kept convincing himself. Just another one. Nothing more than that. His heart was confused. His mind in chaos. His soul was restless.

She walked around. Still impressed. She never had imagined that they would separate. All sorts of images appeared and disappeared. Scenes of joy, sadness too. Overall a wonderful journey. She took a leaf in her hand and observed it. Her hand was wide open. Seven parts. A special meaning. Seven, it kept her mind busy. Seven months from now, would she still miss him? Would her heart be healed? Would it ever be whole? He was so special in every way. She realized that she - for the first time in her life - had no clue how to react now. Should she let him know that he was the one? Should she give him space? She remembered a little game. She took the first part and whispered: "He loved me, he loved me not, he loved me, he loved me not, he loved me, he loved me not, he loved me ..."

They both opened their right hands around the same time, 7 pm. They let go. He felt her presence, she felt his awareness. They looked at each other from a distance. Grateful for everything that they learned from each other. They had become a better version of themselves. Their exchange caused it. Their meeting was no coincidence. They were destined to cross each other's path. For the better and for the good. Soulmates reunion. He was ready, she followed. Their old jackets did not serve anymore. He took his jacket and put it under the highest tree, she did the same where she was. Nature took care of it. Instantly. Dissolved. They continued their walk, each in the forest of their city. The birds were very calm. Exceptionally. No song to sing. The trees were curious what would happen now.

When they arrived home, everything about them was different. They were transformed. Even their thoughts changed. Other colors. As thoughts become things, a different setting was created. With a magic pencil. Soul cleaning and clearing. They felt peace. Finally. Letting go was the best decision. It makes no sense to force the natural flow of life and love. They surrendered. Eyes closed. Tired. The old chapter had ended. A new one was about to begin. He kept one leaf on his night table, she kept one on her night table. Never forgetting each other, but the letting go was necessary to be who they really are. Their oneness expanded. With open end. The night was dark. The stars were visible. One star showed his name to her, another one reflected her name to him. Signed by heaven.

A New Season: Leaving The Old Behind by Liesbeth Leysen

A New Season: Leaving The Old Behind(Photo Credit: David Niblack,

#21 much appreciated, your lovely words, thank you, @Lisa Gallagher

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Lisa Gallagher 29/9/2016 · #21

Phenomenal @Liesbeth Leysen, you're so talented and this was very moving!

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#19 yes @Deb Helfrich, I am in for that too. To live and love in the flow is the highest path!

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Deb Helfrich 24/9/2016 · #19

Phenomenal, @Liesbeth Leysen. I would like to learn the fortitude to always let nature take care of it. It all will dissolve. And then we can be free to love in the flow.

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#16 thank you so much, @Anandhi Krishnan

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Anandhi Krishnan 23/9/2016 · #16

Liked your style of narration and of course the substance. 'Letting go', how wonderful would that be....relieved, lighter....reliving life.

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#13 damn :-) you said it using the right tone, @Pascal Derrien

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