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After Eight

Dark. Clouded. His hotel room felt lonely. Outside footsteps in the corridor. French music. The sheets covered his skinny body. Soft touch. His hand reached for his partner. She was downstairs, having breakfast. She wrote him a little love note. He discovered it under her pillow. Silk. He was not hungry that morning. She loved breakfast tables the most. The love note softly caressed his golden heart. Words so caring and tender. A beautiful smile appeared on his face. Leaving a mark of deep love. The sun came in his eyes.

He took his iPad and googled some past memories. Surprised about what he discovered. It seemed as if the whole world stood still. For years. No changes. Everything remained the same. Same locations, same actors, same roles. He - on the other hand - could see a major shift in his own life. Nothing was the same. Different location, other actors, other roles. He had a choice, as everyone has in his life. He had chosen the card of courage. He never regretted that brave decision. He felt how he had become a wonderful person. The best version of himself.

A feeling of pride and joy hugged him that morning. He was blessed. He felt it in his soul. The love of his life met him on a sunny day in summer. The moment he let go the idea of meeting his perfect partner. She was sweet and kind. Courageous and smart. Sensitive and sensual. A healing recipe for all what he experienced in the past. He reached all his career goals, step by step. He kept on walking. Compass set. His business was thriving. He did not do it for the money. He was passionate about serving others to live the life of their dreams. Paving it forward, humble and true.

Her black dress was ready. For the champagne dinner tonight. Her high heels matched the beautiful dress. She was stunning in that combination. Sexy and elegant at the same time. He loved to look at her for hours. For days too. The woman of his heart. She did not have to wear exquisite clothes to enter his male heart. Slowly making love, soul dancing. Even naked. She simply had an instant effect on him to make him wild. Like a wolf in the forest. Wild and free. Fire from within. He put the light on. Stepped out his warm bed.

It was after eight. He opened the windows. Forgetting he was still naked. It was grey and clouded. He looked down and saw some people in the streets of Paris. Holding French bread in their hands. The scent of coffee entered his beautiful nose. His mind was dreaming. His heart gently singing. He laughed. He did not need the sun to put him in a good mood. It came from within. The best source of joy. The coffee smell got stronger. The door opened. He turned his head. A shadow. An angel touched his shoulders. It was his angel. His queen.

She did not forget him. At the breakfast table. A coffee and a croissant on a plate. A red rose too. She kissed his neck. Slowly. Gently. His naked body reacted. No description available. Pleasure. Gold. They danced together in the room. Without music. The notes came from their heart and soul. Solely a true composer could hear the music of love, expanding. The people outside were walking. The streets getting more vibes. They did not care. They united on a special level. Where only true soulmates meet. They made love. Forever. Always. Not only after eight. Hotel room one.

By Liesbeth Leysen

After Eight(Photo Credit: David Niblack,

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#11 I have an idea, give me some time ;-) @Donna-Luisa Eversley. To be continued ...

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#11 @Liesbeth Leysen, MSc is incredibly good at this particular genre, but I honestly would like you to write your own, @Donna-Luisa Eversley, as what you write about, you bring about

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Beautifully written, Liesbeth. It's so nice to read a beautiful and romantic love story.

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Pascal Derrien 29/11/2016 · #9

The Old Iron Lady is always source of inspiration, I got back to my hometown for a minute .... thank you coffee is on me :-)

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