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An Unconditional Love Story

He saw her and he just knew that he loved her. She felt his love instantly.  They married under the sun and everyone was happy for them. It seemed a perfect love story. Days went by and the story unfolded. Chapter by chapter opened and ended. Memories were collected. Life was beautiful. He accepted her exactly as she was and she had done the same for him. The first summer that year ended with lots of love. Winter started. 

The sun witnessed their love and became warmer every minute. They cared deeply for each other in a way that has not been seen too much. They had a special bond, a connection that never would break. Spring was not far away and yet something changed. Suddenly there was no interaction anymore. There was a deep silence. He looked at her. She did not say a word back. The next day he tried to talk to her. She was absent.

When they married, they married without posing any condition to their love. They were perfect for each other. Yet, he knew that she had an uncurable cancer. She was beautiful and maybe the cancer would give it up. They trusted each other. Together they could conquer the world. She really loved to live. Her smile was gorgeous. Then she closed her eyes. She never opened them again.

From above the clouds she looks at him with gorgeous and shining eyes. He cries. The pain is difficult to carry. She touches his heart. It feels warm to him. Then he remembers her laughter and her gentle character. He forgets his sadness for a moment. For some reason he looks outside and a light catches his attention. She waves at him. He feels a change. His tears in his eyes stop falling. 

She communicates with him. She still loves him. Their love was so strong that even now their love continued. They signed up for unconditional love and they committed to it. Even now. He felt blessed to have met such a beautiful heart and soul and thanked her for every season that they could spend together. She gave him a heavenly hug and whispered that she did not regret anything. Their love travels in ways that we will never grasp. No conditions, and so pure. 

By Liesbeth Leysen, MSc. International Management

Creative Commens License

Note from the author:

Inspired by neighbours of mine. The partner died this week of cancer. They married last year in summer. She was only 30 years old. But she will live in his heart forever.

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#11 done with love and trying to be as unconditional as I am

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#10 yes, it looks that way @Lisa Vanderburg but maybe we do not see the full story yet.


He accepted here exactly as she was and she had done the same for him. The first summer that year ended with lots of love". This is the genuine and unconditional love. Thank you @Liesbeth Leysen, MSc. beBee Brand Ambassador for defining love and for your flowing style of writing reflecting the meaningful of life itself.

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Lisa Vanderburg 11/3/2018 · #10

#9 It is the way of life. However, it 'feels' worse for an early exit.

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I see it likewise, I tried to express their special love and while it is very sad, I also wonder how many people would do this for each other @Lisa Vanderburg It is both sad and beautiful.

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#5 that is a lovely thought @Jerry Fletcher and that is a good thing

Lisa Vanderburg 11/3/2018 · #6

Such depth of love is so worthy to share. Thank you @Liesbeth Leysen, MSc. beBee Brand Ambassador

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Jerry Fletcher 10/3/2018 · #5

"Tis true, unconditional has no dimensional limits.

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