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Body Talk.

She has been a hard working woman. All her life. Living without limits. Every day fully committed to be there for others. Born under a fairy star. When her mother saw her for the very first time, she lovingly whispered: "Little witch" to her newborn baby girl. There was something special about her. Her mother was right. Gifted to heal others. Equipped with a good heart and soul. Hilda Segers is her name. Born in Herentals, Belgium. One day, her body said: "Stop". Without having spent time in nature, a bite by an infected blacklegged tick, forced her to slow down. She developed the Lyme disease. Positive and spiritual as she is, she took the news as a blessing. She finally understood that she had to listen to her body. It cried for rest and nurturing care. From that moment on, she never ceased to listen to what her body was telling her between the lines. She learned the biggest lesson and she was committed to pass it on to others.

Body Talk.

A year ago, Hilda decided to make her dream come true. She turned her hobby into her profession. She opened a beautiful shop in Mol, Belgium, called 'Mivida', where she sells products that set the soul on fire. She offers her visitors handmade jewels, candles, presents, beautiful cards and all what makes them smile. A patient, wise and modest woman, with a heart of gold. She feels that she does not have to make strong promotion, as she is convinced that the people who need to find their way to her, will always come to her when the time is right. I agree with her. I was ready to get some more lessons from my teacher. First lesson: listening to our body is so important. Second lesson: never force things in life, what needs to happen, will always unfold, so have faith. That is the natural flow of life. Third lesson: when we do not listen to our body, it will find a way to make us obey. So we better listen to our body. Body talk!

The name of the shop 'Mivida' is composed by the first two letters of the names of each one of her three children (Mi(ke), Vi(cky), Da(ve)). 'Mivida' also means 'My life'. It is clear that Hilda Segers is full of love for life, for her children and for her clients. In the shop I immediately felt at ease. Hilda is so much more than a shop owner. She is one of those special human breeds that make the world a more beautiful place. With a gentle touch. She carefully listens to her clients and gives the answers that we need to reflect on at that moment in time. Mivida is a shop for presents, but Hilda Segers herself comes as a present on our path. She certainly has the right attitude to make a difference in this life. We need the support of human angels in our life. They are here for a reason. There is no way to deny that. Shouting out loud is not her style. Too much promotion is also not her cup of tea. She was again right: she did not need to do a thing, except for being herself. I noticed her fine qualities and that is why Hilda Segers deserves a place in the spotlights. Thank you, Hilda, for being the gem that you are!

She shines like her handmade jewels, a woman with inner wisdom and an eye for beauty! Hilda Segers is a present to the world. A human angel!

By Liesbeth Leysen

Professional Writer

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Please visit the website of Mivida: and of the artist that closely cooperates with Hilda Segers: Lucas Bertels:

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Great story! I am so happy to read how Mivida came home to her body. I know of the body talk system . And as I think you know I have a body sensing system that is incredibly powerful for finding our way back into our bodies and connecting body, mind and energy.

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Thanks for sharing this inspiring story of reinvention and success!

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#40 this body talk system seems very interesting, just visited the link @Tricia Mitchell!


#38 @Tricia Mitchell yes she has a very gentle energy, I could feel that instantly, thank you for the link of the body talk system!

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Tricia Mitchell 13/8/2017 · #38

#26 Thanks for the mention @Lisa Vanderburg and what a delightful tale @Liesbeth Leysen, MSc. International Management, Certified Executive Coach. Brand Ambassador beBee, Inc. Shares here about Hilda. I liken people to a tin of Quality Street - there's enough variety for everyone ☺ She sounds like she has a gentle energy. I was thinking that she was a practitioner of the Body Talk system
As with many healers/guides/whatever our role is on this journey through life, the experience is the catalyst and the teacher of our purpose, which we are then tasked to share with others. A beautiful write.

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