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Bunnie Little Did Not Like Change

Once upon a time in a part of the universe far away there was a family of bunnies that loved each other oh so very much. They lived well and played outside where mother nature took very well care of them. They had everything that they could wish for. Life felt comfortable. A true love nest. The days were funny and full of adventures. The only thing that was missing in the scene was a wide variety of colors. All the houses seemed the same. There was white and blue … and more white and blue. 

Bunnie Little asked many questions as little ones do to understand the world better. With a courageous heart, open to hear the truth. 'Daddy, why are we surrounded by white and blue?', it asked one day. Daddy was surprised about this question. He reflected some time and said: 'Baby, that is because it feels safe to us. We are used to these colors all our lives. Generations of bunnies loved these colors. So why would we change it?', he replied. Bunnie Little looked around and saw the reality behind his father's words. 

And so from a younger age Bunnie Little learned that change was not a thing to desire. Life went on and on. Life was good. Admitted. He had all he ever longed for. All, except for one thing. It felt to him as if there was a missing piece in his life. An unfinished business. A story to edit. He never talked about it. But surely his sweet little soul was touched by it. He played with the blue flowers and listened to their conversations. In the background on soul level another conversation was going on.

The flowers had fun growing and showing their most beautiful colors. 'Don't you like all of our colors, sweet Bunnie Little', they asked him one day. Bunnie Little stared at them. A bit afraid to tell them his truth. 'I can only see blue and a bit white', it said with some hesitation. 'Oh no', the flowers said to each other, 'he has been told another truth. Time to make a difference in his life. He deserves to know the real truth'. 'Open your eyes, Bunnie Little and look carefully, what do You see?', they asked him gently.

Bunnie Little jumped up and down. In the soft grass. He was in the spotlights now as every flower bended towards him to hear his answer. It made him a little bit nervous. He never got such a big question. His voice was not used to express his thoughts to the rest of the world as he knew it. However he did what he was told to do. He opened his eyes. Really opened his eyes. A world of beauty appeared, the most gorgeous flowers smiled at him. He could not believe his eyes. Why did he not see this before?

There was white and blue, but also orange and yellow, pink and red and so much more. The colors reached for him and made him feel very loved. Bunnie Little Always was told not to like change but he discovered he actually adored it. The next moment he ran into the arms of his daddy. He told him about his experience. Daddy laughed and said: 'Son, you are adult now and I might tell you the real truth now. We wanted to keep you safe and did not want you to discover the secret when you were a little one. We were afraid of losing you one day. You might have turned your back on us'.

Bunnie Little heard the words and understood that his parents loved him deeply. The protective layer was clearly one way to express love. Since he became more wise, his reply to his daddy sounded like this: 'Dear daddy, I love you as I love mom, I will never really leave you. See it as an elastic band. The love between us will Always remain. I can take a trip to another part of the universe, but in our hearts we are connected, so one day I will Always return to say hello.' Bunnie Little hugged his daddy and mom and asked another question.

'Can I please paint our egg house in the color of strawberries, I love these so much?' Daddy laughed and agreed. 'Together we will change the color, dear sweetheart. I am ready to try something new', his words filled the air with more love. Bunnie Little and his fellow flowers were smiling from the heart. 'Thank you, flowers, for opening my eyes', he whispered gently. The flowers collected his love and became even more beautiful. From a distance the scene was more than joyful. Happiness, laughter and abundant conversations between Bunnie Little and his beloved ones were recorded. They say that one day, when the world is ready, they will play them all …

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By Liesbeth Leysen, MSc International Management




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#12 there are many colors possible, you can change it into blue, if you want to @Bill Stankiewicz, 🐝 Brand Ambassador then it gets personalized to you.

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cool buzz, need blue color for the egg Liesbeth

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#9 Thank you so much Ignacio

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Cada vez que veo una imagen así me recuerda a la película Bright eyes en la que cantan Simón y Garfunkel su canción principal.

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Very, very Beautiful

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#7 Love the Jerry Fletcher way of seeing it, thank you, quantum physics it is

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Liesbeth, the connections of the heart you note is like the connection of all things in quantum physics. Somehow, calling it love makes it easier to understand. And so it goes.

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well thank you a buzz with a lot of honey taste @Debasish Majumder

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