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Christmas In October

Father Christmas was planning his work for ahead. On a big map he wrote down all streets and houses where he would drop a wonderful present. Touching the hearts of the receiver. Deeply. Pearls of sweat falling down his head. He admitted that he was getting old. Feeling it in his bones. Oh my God. More and more each year. He ordered delicious snowflakes. As many as children wanted. A delightful ambiance. Stars in the sky. Golden decoration. Magic dust. His smile was contagious. He already saw the children having fun. Their happy voices echoing all around.

He had to make a decision. Soon. He realised that he could not make his round in time when he would only start in December. Hiring co-workers was not an option. He was proud to do the work on his own. Following the tradition. The only solution was to start now. Right now. In October. He was relieved. Always happy to find the key to open the door to true happiness. Again and again. Challenging circumstances made him soar. The clock was ticking. Time for action. He took his luggage, his snow boots, warm clothes and left his cosy house.

His book with all human wishes aside him. Never travelling without. Randomly he picked out houses to deliver presents. It was kind of fun to do the impossible. Nobody was expecting Christmas presents. So soon. Carefully he selected the presents and aligned them with matching feelings of the house owners. He followed the law of nature and knew that only matching vibrations would give most joy. After the presents were offered, he marked the delivery in his book. At a given moment his eyes got very big. To his surprise he realized that he made an error.

In the last house he delivered twice. He felt ashamed. This never happened. Never in his life. Never ever before. He tried to justify the error. No remedy. How could he have done this? He revised the list and scanned every detail. Suddenly he noticed a small letter. Written by a child. A creative composition. In the language of the heart. The child asked Father Christmas to restore faith in love. The parents divorced. The father was lonely. The mother left. New love. The child prayed for a better life. It felt double sad. So it prayed for double happiness.

Father Christmas realized that it was no coincidence. The double delivery had to be. His face became brighter than the sun. He felt how a warm feeling overwhelmed him. With double force. He could predict that the double delivery would set the hearts of all people on fire. The people in the house and all people who would hear what happened in October. The double delivery would spread its magic. He was curious about the content of the presents. This time he had to look inside the boxes. This was too special. Even Father Christmas gets tempted now and then to cross boundaries.

He touched the boxes. They were light. No heavy material ordered. Shaking the boxes up and down to know what was inside. He paused. Full focus on the unpacking. With ease to not destroy the paper. He had to make sure that the presents seemed untouched. No finger prints. He was wearing his winter gloves. The air was tense. He was incredibly curious what he would find in the boxes. Tears jumped in his eyes as he saw what was inside the first box. It were seeds of pure love. Made of healing crystals. Once planted deep inside the heart, they would become solid roots to build eternal relationships.

In the second box he discovered a paper, explaining what the seeds needed to become strong plants. Nutrients to be added to guide the growth of the plants. Faith to restore the belief that good things can happen again. Courage to be vulnerable. Opening the doors of the soul and the heart. Welcome home. Golden glasses to see a new reality where perfection was not needed anymore. The art of being exactly as you are. To be in the flow with the self and the environment. No show. No mask. Acceptance. Exactly as things are. No more. No less. Surrendering to true happiness. A Father Christmas' dream coming true.

Christmas In October by Liesbeth Leysen

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debasish majumder 26/10/2016 · #12

wonderful article of optimism! great share madam @Liesbeth Leysen! enjoyed read. thank you for sharing the post.

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Lisa Gallagher 26/10/2016 · #11

@Liesbeth Leysen your stories always convey such beautiful messages, this one resonates because I think many can relate!!

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#6 thanks so much @Pamela L. Williams, much appreciated.


#3 @Ken Boddie thanks so much, I love this video. Glad you shared it with us.

Donna-Luisa Eversley 9/10/2016 · #7

I felt the chill and the dream..thank you for wishes and possibilities @Liesbeth Leysen🤗😇

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Pamela 🐝 Williams 8/10/2016 · #6

@Liesbeth Leysen, a beautiful heartwarming story!

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Pamela 🐝 Williams 8/10/2016 · #5

#3 Ken, I absolutely loved that video! How adorable was that!

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