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Cold Tea With Ginger Lemon Cookies

The summer was hot and spicy. They found their way to the beach. The sand caressed their bodies and souls. In a way that is only recognised by lovers. White turning into tan. In slow motion. No hurry. The artist in the painter has lots of patience. More that you think. Making the best of the summer. Despite the pandemic. They were not talking too much. Just being. His bold and hairy legs showed his gender compared to her elegant fine legs. Polished, painted feet nails. She took care of her presence. He cared about her.

In her stylish bag there were cans of cold tea. Cold as ice. A gift in the heat of the day. Peach flavoured. She also added some delightful cookies. With ginger lemon. A unique taste. Pieces of watermelon and cherries too. She saw that his sweat was coming to the surface of his skin. She noticed it and acted upon it. Time for tea and cookies. His eyes were closed. Playful statement. Entering now the scene. She took an icecold can and put it against his hairy legs. He reacted with a wild move. Adventurous and bold. In his arms she melted. Like butter in the pan. No chance to resist.

While they were enjoying the cool drinks and the tasteful cookies, the ocean moved in waves. Some people were swimming. Sail boats offering a show of mastery. A wonderful view. Taking dreams beyond the scope of the eye. People were relaxing and living their lives as good as they could. The ginger lemon touched their tongues and played with them for a while. Just extending its power. Her feet were touching the warm sand. A sign that she felt comfortable. In the moment. He looked at her. With camera focus. She was beautiful. As a rose petal flower.

Other beach guests were at a distance. With respect. Each in their own little corner. Making their own fairytales come alive. She looked around. Calm breeze. Everything was good. He felt good. She felt good. They were in peace. Suddenly a loud sound coming from the ocean. A scream. Somebody was in danger? The scene on hold. Breathing quickly. A child was in trouble. A man hurried to the ocean. His little daughter did not learn to swim yet. The father did not think. Just went into safety modus. 

He saved her. People surrounding them. They were talking. Showing compassion and understanding. In these minutes they all forgot about social distance. The value of the bond between father and child took all attention. They had watched it with big eyes. Looked at each other with a gentle smile. Surrendering to gratitude for what they just observed. They walked towards the father and the child. Desinfecting their hands with gel before they touched something else. Two cans of cold tea in his hands. She had some ginger lemon cookies with her. They gave it to the father. The child was calm now. The father relieved. He thanked them. From the heart.

The father and his child became smaller and smaller. From their viewpoint as they left the beach. They touched the heart of many that day at the beach. The couple stayed a bit longer. To watch the sunset. The ocean told a story. With bravery. The waves were calm and peaceful. They helped the father to save the life of his child. They served. For the good. For the better. Did not ask for recognition. They just did what they had to do. The sunset was romantic and special. They bonded. In their own sweet ways. No ginger lemon cookies left. The cool peach tea was out of stock as well. But everything came together that day. That day. At the sunny beach.

By Liesbeth Leysen

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Fay Vietmeier Aug 6, 2020 · #10

#7 @Liesbeth Leysen, MSc. beBee Global Brand Ambassador
... I receive that lovely affirmation Liesbeth ... like a viral hug ;~)

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Fay Vietmeier Aug 6, 2020 · #9

#8 @Pascal Derrien
Your always make me SMILE ;~)
So agree "a cookie in every story" ... even if we have to read with the plate of cookies & a cold glass of milk.
My choice is warm chocolate chip cookies ... or macaroons ... or peanut butter ... or ...

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Pascal Derrien Aug 6, 2020 · #8

there should always be a cookie in stories :-)

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#6 well you are seen @Fay Vietmeier be sure of that

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Fay Vietmeier Aug 5, 2020 · #6

#5 @Liesbeth Leysen, MSc. beBee Global Brand Ambassador
Your words are a sweet balm:
"you are a treasure" ... I shall tuck your lovely words away in my heart.
Call upon them when I feel unappreciated ... unseen
Thank you Liesbeth.

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#2 a treasure a person to love You are a treasure @Fay Vietmeier thank you for your motivational power

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