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Kermit And His Quest For Peace

Kermit had a gift. A very special gift. He saw the naked truth. In the way people told their story. Sometimes their use of words revealed the light and other times it was their tone, but he always found the clue to unlock the real thing behind everything. There were magic moments where he even could predict scenarios long before they were prepared by the actors. It was quite a challenge to handle this precious gift.

There was a catch. It made his life more challenging. He longed for peace. It was not always so great to be dotted with the gift of truth finder, not everyone appreciated it. In a few cases Kermit felt how his fellow frogs threw stones at him, be it symbolic or in real. It made him sad, deeply sad and that explains his green color, which he would never lose again. One specific morning, when the sun was up, Kermit looked for a way to find more peace.

A very old and wise owl felt his need for advice and came along with the big book of life lessons. Kermit was intrigued. His heart knew that the key would be presented soon on a golden plate. The grey owl spread his wings to find the pages that really mattered in this story. Page 111 seemed to be the most valuable. Kermit sat down on the green grass. Which was not greener than on the other side, for once.

'What do I have to do to make my life easier?', said Kermit in a bitter tone. The owl reflected and took advantage of the most ancient wisdom of the universe. The time was not reacting in this very moment. Every being in this part of the world was silent to listen to the answer of the old owl. The wind stopped blowing. The sun did not turn up her heat. The owl looked around and one more time.

'To find peace within, it is advisable to not be in a reactive modus', the owl started his words of wisdom. 'I do not get it yet', said Kermit. The owl continued with tender intelligence that can only be felt by the soul of the matter. He replied: 'When something happens that steers your emotions, all it takes, is to give it time, count to 111 and then you will have all the answers to proceed'. 

Kermit looked with big froggy eyes to the wise and old owl. He knew the owl was speaking the deep truth. That was his gift, to recognize the truth. He decided to follow the advice. He had no other choice. The very first moment when Kermit crossed an event on the emotional path of all life things, Kermit tried the new formula out. His mouth was about to say something, when he remembered the wise words of wisdom of father owl. He paused, counted to 111. Magic happened, suddenly it was not such an issue anymore. Peace covered the scene and that made all the difference.

By Liesbeth Leysen
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Kermit And His Quest For Peace
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About the author:

Liesbeth Leysen (1971) was born in Herentals, Belgium, to Belgian parents with French, German and Dutch blood. She grew up in Mol, Belgium, but as a global quadrilingual EN-FR-DE-NL business professional with a master in translation (Belgium) she spent a decade of her life in Germany (practical work experience), Luxembourg (4 years) and Switzerland (5 years). She returned to Belgium in 2015. 

Her strong interest and passion for coaching and excellence in leadership and management resulted in a certified executive coaching certification at the renowned 'Marshall Goldsmith Stakeholder Centered Coaching' (US) and a Master of Science degree in International Management (UK).

Furthermore Liesbeth loves to learn and to apply helpful insights from multiple behavioral sciences such as psychology and anthropology to dismantle self-imposed and forced limitations in order to liberate the full potential of the individual. 

As a little girl she was in love with books, she just could not stop reading. She is actively involved as Published Author, VIP and Brand Ambassador at beBee. Grateful for her own joyful reading experience, Liesbeth wants to set the hearts of her audience on fire.

Liesbeth discovered that her passionate purpose in life is to make a difference with truthful and emotional cinematic storytelling. She is enthusiastic to learn to master this craft more and more. Success starts with taking that first step in the right direction.

Liesbeth always follows her heart and her dreams. The driving force throughout her life is the awareness that we are the only one who can make our dreams come true. Therefore we need to embrace the role of movie director, assume full responsibility for our choices, decisions and actions to create thoses scenes that really add meaning and fulfillment to our lives.

“You have to really be courageous about your instincts and your ideas. Otherwise you’ll just knuckle under, and things that might have been memorable will be lost.”  - Francis Ford Coppola 

#14 sweet answer, who knows, what my kiss can do ;-) thank you for your fairytale comments @Ken Boddie

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Ken Boddie 8/6/2018 · #14

Just like the grass, Liesbeth, Kermit is always more attractive on the other side. Perhaps he awaits your kiss, to turn him into a prince? 🐸 💋 🤴🏽

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#12 you just made me laugh @Jerry Fletcher you are right, however I am sure that many frogs do not mind at all being green ;-).

Jerry Fletcher 7/6/2018 · #12

Liesbeth, It ain't easy being green but it is nice to know there is a way to make it more peaceful. Thank you for a thoughtful story.

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#10 sweet comment, love it @Chris 🐝R Guest and that song, as Always is a wonderful choice. Thank you!

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Chris 🐝R Guest 6/6/2018 · #10

My takeaway is the sage wisdom of the ancient Owl as peace-maker / caretaker supreme:

"You will take good care of me, I'll be your caretaker,

You'l be the maker of the peace; I'll be the peacemaker..."

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#8 I do believe in the magic of numbers, there is more to it than what we first would think / believe @Bill King so I fully relate to what you write and thank you for your comments, love every bit of it!!!

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Bill King 5/6/2018 · #8

Thanks for sharing the buzz @Liesbeth Leysen, MSc. beBee Brand Ambassador. While many may not believe there is a meaning in numbers we see the message for this number is worthy of attention . I had a friend years ago who would always pay attention to repeating numbers and every once and a while I can hear his voice saying "repeating number." You wrote 111, 3 times in the post I believe which just happens to be my birthday 11/13 . Thanks again for the message!

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