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Live Now. Do It Now.

Something happened. Nobody could exactly tell what is was. However, everyone felt it. Deep in the heart. Deep in the bones. Soul real. The universe made a firm decision; it cancelled the notion of time. Finally complete readiness to skip this perspective. To surrender to the here and now. Humans tend to find excuses for all the things they want to do. Before they know it, life has passed. Then it is too late to really enjoy the beauty of life. Life is short. No time to postpone living.

A wonderful morning, late October, everyone woke up with a sense of change of perception. The universe changed the setting. It was proud. From baby to adult, ideas in the mind of past and future were cancelled. It was a lot of work. The universe followed a big and courageous dream. The miracle took place inside the human soul. Since that precious moment it seemed that the whole world made a huge transformational shift.

The word 'excuses' was deleted from the dictionaries. People had their dreams and acted upon it. No delay. No reason to give up before they even started. Walt Disney would have been proud. Finally the world understood that to make dreams come true, the recipe is very simple; just by doing it, you live the dream. Sinterklaas and Santa Claus were happy too. Since people were no longer postponing their dreams and happiness, they did not need the holy support from heaven.

Zooming in. A house in the forest. He woke up. He had a dream that night. After years of struggle, he felt confident that he would live his dreams. Reality even more touching. He believed that he deserved the deepest love. Oh my God. The brightest life. The most awesome professional encounters. He just had to open the door to all what he desired most deeply. He felt a shivering deep inside. He realized that all what he was looking for had been patiently waiting for him. He smiled. Gracefully. It was there all along.

He called the woman he was deeply in love with. She said yes. Feeling of unworthiness vanished. He started his own business. It became a huge success. Many awards were created. Bestseller books. Best business. Clients were soul fond of him. He inspired them all. He reached out to forgotten family members and friends. They were content to see him blossom. They prayed for this precious miracle. He looked at his bucket list and decided to transform it into his action list.

The news was spread worldwide. He became the example. The ultimate role model. People started to believe again in a whole new world. They reanimated their dreams. The universe turned around in deepest joy. It was truly satisfied with its newest accomplishment. The newspapers that day described the words of the universe perfectly: "Always knew that more was possible. I just continued until the day that my big dream would come true. It is awesome to see seeds of true happiness in the soul and hearts of my community. I love to see others flourish. Strong conscious and subconscious beliefs make all the difference".

The journalist wanted to know exactly what had created the shift. Why now? The universe responded: "Good question. I believe in the now. It is 'now' that life takes place. All we have is now. The secret to be revealed is to enjoy the 'now' and to live in the 'now'. While doing 'now' what we love most, alllowing 'now' what we love and who we love most deeply, we create a life that we love most. Our 'now' once turns into our past. We train ourselves to create a superb future". The journalist was impressed. He realized the truth. Tears of joy and understanding were falling down. They became healing crystals. Contagious seeds of wisdom.

Live Now. Do It Now. by Liesbeth Leysen

Live Now. Do It Now.

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#7 thanks so much @Sushmita Thakare Jain

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Sushmita Jain 16/10/2016 · #7

Loved the swift flow of your story with the lesson :) .'Live like there's no tomorrow.'

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#4 exactly @Ken Boddie and that would be so sad

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#3 thanks so much @Chas Wyatt, enjoy the weekend!

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Ken Boddie 15/10/2016 · #4

Good mantra to have, Liesbeth, "I believe in now" ...... otherwise life may become "one day, some day, maybe, never". 😊

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Lisa Gallagher 14/10/2016 · #1

I believe in now too! So many of us have lost loved ones and realize that time is short. We must make the best of it. Thanks, another great story with a wonderful lesson @Liesbeth Leysen

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