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Luckily She Did Not Sell Herself Short

The beach was peaceful that morning when she walked barefoot in the sand. Nature felt like home. She was home. The sun warmed her skin. Caressed her as true lovers do. Without hesitation, without any doubt. Fully committed to be love. Her dress was white and simple. She loved purity. The shape of her feminine body left a pattern of shadows behind. They played with each other in a moment of time and then disappeared like a thief in the night. They never returned. Then she touched the water. It felt good.

The water communicated with her soul. Asking all kind of questions like a loving mother does to ensure that her child is doing fine and is in alignment with her heart and soul. Nurturing and open. Really listening to the needs of her sweetheart with undivided attention. Waves came and washed away all remaining traces of unclarity. Her lungs were enjoying the fresh air. The ocean represented her life as one big adventure. She was aware of her value and did not want to sell herself short anymore.

Her white dress told a story in which the truth was reflected in every move of her dress. For the very first time in her life she was fully aligned with her soul destiny and on the right track of her life path. She smiled. The sun saw it and started to shine even brighter. The rock decided to give her a present that morning. Its strength connected with her core being. From there they enjoyed the new cooperation. Her hair was soft and silk. She was settling down in her own heart. Her eyes finally saw the true beauty of the world around her.

She trusted life. All elements of nature present that morning with her, gave the best of themselves. They whispered how deeply they loved her. Her gypsy heart was thrilled. On the other side of the ocean a man in a white shirt was staring in the water. He was looking for something precious which he had lost a long time ago. A reflection showed up. The ocean showed up her picture. He could not believe his eyes. Was this real? The ocean was amused. Its intuitive capabilities were never foolish. He had to sit down and find peace again.

The divine author looked up from his desk. His pencil fell. The sound made him aware of that one scene. He enjoyed that scene in particular. They did not sell themselves short and from that one decision the path of love became visible. The divine author quickly added some more love. Deeply romantic as he was, he felt aligned with that screenplay. The ocean moved in simplicity. Waves rolling. Again and again. It was only natural how they connected and suddenly the reflection in the water touched reality. Her core values were built within. That made all the difference ...

By Liesbeth Leysen

Creative Commons License

Bee inspired by the ocean:

Luckily She Did Not Sell Herself Short(Picture credit:

About the author:

Liesbeth Leysen (1971) was born in Herentals, Belgium, to Belgian parents with French, German and Dutch blood. She grew up in Mol, Belgium, but as a global quadrilingual EN-FR-DE-NL business professional with a master in translation (Belgium) she spent a decade of her life in Germany (practical work experience), Luxembourg (4 years) and Switzerland (5 years). She returned to Belgium in 2015. 

Her strong interest and passion for coaching and excellence in leadership and management resulted in a certified executive coaching certification at the renowned 'Marshall Goldsmith Stakeholder Centered Coaching' (US) and a Master of Science degree in International Management (UK).

Furthermore Liesbeth loves to learn and to apply helpful insights from multiple behavioral sciences such as psychology and anthropology to dismantle self-imposed and forced limitations in order to liberate the full potential of the individual. 

As a little girl she was in love with books, she just could not stop reading. She is actively involved as Published Author, VIP and Brand Ambassador at beBee. Grateful for her own joyful reading experience, Liesbeth wants to set the hearts of her audience on fire.

#9 completely agree @Geoff Hudson-Searle so well expressed, nothing, really nothing to add to that

Geoff Hudson-Searle 16/5/2018 · #9

beautiful @Liesbeth Leysen, MSc. beBee Brand Ambassador Its true to say when the energy and power of true love instantly strikes two beautiful souls. This energy field gives us all strength, courage, compassion, and total love forever!

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a supporter bee for life, that is what you are thank you so much @Jerry Fletcher

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Jerry Fletcher 16/5/2018 · #7

LIesbeth, Once again, "Without hesitation, without any doubt."

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#5 you made me smile @Chris 🐝 Guest Cert.Prof.Acc.SA what would we do without you as dj bee ;-)

Chris 🐝R Guest 16/5/2018 · #5

"Lightning strikes...
Maybe once or twice...."

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Debasish Majumder 16/5/2018 · #3

nice buzz @Liesbeth Leysen, MSc. beBee Brand Ambassador! enjoyed read and shared. thank you for the buzz.

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