Sea, sun and sand. Perfect location to empty the mind. They booked two tickets and just arrived. Just in time. Their life had become heavy to bear. The waves were not in a hurry. They played a game and slowed down their pace. The sun showed true power. Warm and elegant. The sky colored blue. Shades of pink and orange too. The rock was stable and part of the scenery. In silence people were observing the beauty of the universe.

This place was special. Every thought was dissolved. Automatically. It created room for relaxation and peacefulness. Visitors remembered who they were. Deep within. They had forgotten it. Overwhelmed by work and other stressful occupations, shoulds and musts. Here, breathing was the main task. Watching, just watching every movement another assignment. Like a tennis game, from the left to the right and to the left again.

Nothoughtsland, a paradise. Heaven on earth. They felt wonderful. Their love, a never extinguishing flame of fire. Like white sheets, so easily and light, their souls danced in ecstasy. He was ready to ask her to marry him. She was ready to say yes. The timing was perfect. The beach was empty now. Only the two of them. In oneness. The water was moving. Visible. Deepest emotions. His heart was beating. She trembled. Their eyes were smiling.

A scene forever stored to honor this special occasion. Bending his knees. She saw it happening. He looked at her so intensily, she could cry. She did, no holding back. Tears leaving her beautiful eyes. Tears of joy and gratitude. He sensed her deep love in his whole heart and soul. He took her soft hand. She loved how he touched her. They looked at each other. For hours it seemed.

Better than in dreams the sound of his words. Filling the wide space. Expanding forever. "Will you marry me, darling?". A precious gift of love shared with her. True love is a mystery and so touching. The moment she said yes, they kissed so sweetly. Lips sealed. The wind made a heart in the sand. The waves made the heart shape deeper and deeper. Sea, sun and sand were taking away every thought. Feeling was the key in Nothoughtsland.

Nothoughtsland by Liesbeth Leysen


(Photo Credit: David Niblack,

Liesbeth Leysen, MSc 22/9/2016 · #4

#3 thank you Debasish, have a wonderful day!

debasish majumder 21/9/2016 · #3

nicely portrayed post @Liesbeth Leysen. enjoyed read. thank you for sharing the post.

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Liesbeth Leysen, MSc 20/9/2016 · #2

#1 what a wonderful comment, @Deb Helfrich, I love it!!!

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Deb Helfrich 20/9/2016 · #1

Phenomenal. Simply thrilling to read, @Liesbeth Leysen. We all deserve a partner in nothoughtsland.

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