O Special Supermoon Delight

14th of November. The time is right. Dating transformation. On the night where the special supermoon celebrates its magnificence. Nature preparing every step. Bottles of dark juices left behind. Boiling waters. To be cleaned. Purity. A whole program to be followed. Recipe used for ages. Magicians know how to handle it. Candles light the path. Gently. 

Shadows dancing in the background. Fire and flames. Burning desires. Never tamed. Questions get answers. Eyes see in the dark. Wolves cry. Body, spirit, soul, heart and mind feel the new energy. A stunning change. The effect is deep and lasting. No escape. Luggage leaving traces. An invisible chord. Cut in pieces. Solid rock.

The trees hold their breath. Together as one. Giving back. Nothing remains the same. Everything is covered. By magic moondust. Birds check their wings. The scent enters the green zone. Overwhelming delight. All darkness is gone. Forever. The forest reflects wonderful vibes. The moon party begins. All souls excited. The touch of an angel paints gold in the sky.

By Liesbeth Leysen

O Special Supermoon Delight(Photo credit: David Niblack, Imagebase.net)