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They were drinking a glass of sweet golden perfection. Styled elegantly with a touch of divine glam. The room was decorated in a way that brought many touching memories back to the surface. Playing with the scent of time. Outside the room there were people, laughing and talking. The atmosphere was special. Everyone's invitation was sent long before the awareness reached their souls. The magic unfolding in the present moment. They heard on the grapevine some rumours. As with most women they wanted to know more. With such a gorgeous appearance, they were ready to pay the price.

Suddenly the walls of the room were frozen and they could not move anymore. Not even their sweet fingers wrapped around their glasses with much devotion. The expression on their faces was clear. They were shaken not stirred. They had to let this moment happen. No other choice. A breeze found them in their scene. It knew exactly what its mission was and it would not settle for less than that. Three different women. Each of them with their defined greatness. The picture told a story. The walls listened to the worlds inside them.

The rumours were activated. They became reality. The decoration changed and all elements were working against the previous setting. He entered the room and looked at them with a warm regard. They melted. His eyes stared at their souls and they felt the connection. They were not scared at all. Slowly he approached them, one by one. He was looking for something and maybe he would find it here in this room. Touching their inner dreams and desires, he felt to what extent that there was a lucky strike. 

One of them got more attention. She allowed it. From the heart. Her sisters disappeared in tender slow motion. She was not scared. The room was filled with cravings and sensual delights. He gave her a present. She smiled. The next moment he was gone. Her eyes were still closed. Her dress moved with the breeze. A dance of daring acceptance. Then the effect saw more light and the walls returned to their normal state. The sisters talked as if nothing ever had happened. In her purse the present got a heartbeat on its own.

When they left the party, the window on the second floor was open. She turned her head. Looked up. Two shadows were making love. Artful. Masterful. The flames strong. She could only see it. She was speechless when she recognised herself in the shape reflected against the wall. He was royal in all his gestures. She was his queen. Her face was shining while the moon kissed her neck most tenderly. The taxi took her body but her soul wanted to stay. The present whispered soft words in her ear and suggested to feel every second with her own senses, which she did. 

He kept her soul. In his captivating heart. It translated tender love beats into the following heavenly phrase:

'This room is ours, my darling one...'

By Liesbeth Leysen

Creative Commons License

Author's note: the sound of this scene 'a letter for you':

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About the author:

Liesbeth Leysen (1971) was born in Herentals, Belgium, to Belgian parents with French, German and Dutch blood. She grew up in Mol, Belgium, but as a global quadrilingual EN-FR-DE-NL business professional with a master in translation (Belgium) she spent a decade of her life in Germany (practical work experience), Luxembourg (4 years) and Switzerland (5 years). She returned to Belgium in 2015. 

Her strong interest and passion for coaching and excellence in leadership and management resulted in a certified executive coaching certification at the renowned 'Marshall Goldsmith Stakeholder Centered Coaching' (US) and a Master of Science degree in International Management (UK).

Furthermore Liesbeth loves to learn and to apply helpful insights from multiple behavioral sciences such as psychology and anthropology to dismantle self-imposed and forced limitations in order to liberate the full potential of the individual. 

As a little girl she was in love with books, she just could not stop reading. She is actively involved as Published Author, VIP and Brand Ambassador at beBee. Grateful for her own joyful reading experience, Liesbeth wants to set the hearts of her audience on fire.

Liesbeth discovered that her passionate purpose in life is to make a difference with truthful and emotional cinematic storytelling. She is enthusiastic to learn to master this craft more and more. Success starts with taking that first step in the right direction.

Liesbeth always follows her heart and her dreams. The driving force throughout her life is the awareness that we are the only one who can make our dreams come true. Therefore we need to embrace the role of movie director, assume full responsibility for our choices, decisions and actions to create thoses scenes that really add meaning and fulfillment to our lives.

“You have to really be courageous about your instincts and your ideas. Otherwise you’ll just knuckle under, and things that might have been memorable will be lost.”  - Francis Ford Coppola 

#17 love that 'Liesbeth edition' nice way of describing, thank you @Renoy George!

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Renoy George 4/6/2018 · #17

@Liesbeth Leysen, MSc. beBee Brand Ambassador Do a modern retelling of Romeo and Juliet (Liesbeth edition)

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#15 awe, thank you @mohammed khalaf that is a beautiful way of appreciating my writings!

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mohammed khalaf 3/6/2018 · #15

@Liesbeth Leysen, MSc. beBee Brand Ambassador never shirks from showing herself with complete candor.

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#13 will listen to it, I am still with Alphaville, which I adore, thank you @Chris 🐝R Guest

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Chris 🐝R Guest 2/6/2018 · #13

The 3 "sister's" remind me of the "Sisters of Mercy" composition.One of Mr Leonard Cohen's finest numbers:

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#11 thank you, that picture captured my attention, the story came along!

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Chris 🐝R Guest 2/6/2018 · #11

#9 love your pic of the 3 vintage, stylish ladies..elegance defined @Liesbeth Leysen, MSc. beBee Brand Ambassador

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