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Sammy Wished To fly. So He Did. Then Touched The Sky. By Coincidence.

Sammy, a little boy with big glasses and curly hair, was playing in his room. A bit bullied at school. Alone. Sad. Depressed. No self-esteem at all. He thought that his worth at a human scale was below sealevel. He believed it. So he never reached out for more. Madness at childlevel. It made his beloved parents so sad. They loved him very much. The little boy cried big crocodile tears every evening before going to bed. The clock on the wall watched the scene every single night. Excellent clocks, however, hold superpowers in their composition. 

One day or better one evening, the clock decided that it had enough of it. More than enough. So it stopped ticking. Sammy noticed only after some time that the clock changed its usual behavior. With his big blue eyes Sammy stared at the wall. He wondered why his only friend stopped talking. He touched the clock but the clock was stubborn. No sign of life. Sammy could not get it. Why would his room prepare a change? So suddenly. Instead of playing with his spaceship, he looked for a cause in his sweet mind.

He remembered that his parents always pointed out at the sky when it was dark at night. When they were lucky, they would find a star. A bright elegant thing. Sammy decided to imagine that he could enter in his spaceship. The stars would certainly know how he could support the clock. No guiding lines in terms of clock ticking issues on his wall. And so the story developed. The little boy made himself smaller. And smaller. Until he could jump into the spaceship. The spaceship was happy to help the little boy. A little man on a mission. So to say.

His parents were sleeping. The house did not notice his absence. The stars witnessed how the little man prepared his trip to the sky. The clock looked at him. Secretly. A cute smile appeared. Everything going as it was meant to be. The spaceship went fast. Before Sammy knew it, he was above the clouds. From there all his worries seemed so little. As if he was not the same boy anymore. He felt a transformation in his little body. Then he looked in the mirror. His glasses were gone. His curly hair, straight. The spaceship became larger and he aligned with the size of it. No accident.

Sammy remembered his dream. He wished to fly. It was by coincidence that he got his memories back. Must be the place where he was now. The flight went on and on. He felt lighter. Left all his little child troubles behind. Down at earth level, the troubles felt lonely, so disappeared. Finding new activities to spend time with. Sammy - for the first time in his young life - felt good. Really good. He felt excited. The spaceship let him know that he was reaching his destination soon. Before he could count to ten, he could touch the sky.

The sky was wide and blue. More beautiful than he could ever dream of. Big balloons of wisdom floating around. By magic Sammy was brought closer to the time balloon. The right words with the right remedy appeared for his eyes only. He understood the core issue. His heart was happy and thrilled to know that he would be able to help his big friend. The clock in his room felt the connection. The answer to the matter of the heart. Only a question of time. The spaceship told Sammy to return before his parents would notice it.

Once again Sammy looked around. A world of beauty. On its own. He felt grateful that he knew the way to this treasure. Completely changed he found his way back to his room. He brought the key to his room. The clock had already started to tick again. A mysterious strength added. Sammy smiled and was content. Since that day Sammy never worried again. Wait a minute, at least not so much anymore. His self-esteem was repaired. Together with the clock. His transformation was so stunning that he became the boy to go to. He had the answer to most of the issues. His spaceship faithful to all of his dreams. All clocks worldwide were instructed how to give little and insecure boys like Sammy once was, more love.

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Sammy Wished To fly. So He Did. Then Touched The Sky. By Coincidence.(Picture credit:

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Liesbeth, A timely tale.

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