Sweeter Than Sugar

She was playing in the park. A wonderful day. The golden autumn sun was present too. She had beautiful blond hair. Gifted with an awesome little girl's smile. The one that makes your heart melt. She looked like a little princess. In her pink dress. The other children already noticed that she was special. She was surrounded by light. She could be named 'the light girl'. She touched the other children with her warmth and joy. When she appeared, the place was full of joy and laughter. The atmosphere turned into gold. Just like nothing. Good vibes naturally flowing. No obstacles to turn the tide.

A little boy noticed the little princess. He felt alone. With sad eyes he looked at her. If only he could be so happy as she was. He felt so down. As if she was pushed by some sudden wind, she was walking in his direction. She saw the little boy, sitting alone on a black bench. He looked at the ground. His shoulders down too. The color of his clothes was as sad as his mood. A mix of grey and black. No colors to celebrate. She approached him. In slow motion she found a place next to him on the bench. The bench was cold. The shadow of the tree could be the reason.

The little princess smiled at him. He dared to observe her. He saw how her smile turned bigger and bigger. Almost like the sun shining brighter and brighter. He felt weird. Awkward. She did nothing but smiling. Smiling broadly and she did not stop. The energy was strong and continuous. As if a golden bridge was installed between them. His heart reacted. It moved. It was touched by something. It was beating faster. He was surprised. Quietly he noticed how his body began to change. His muscles began to tremble. His shoulders went up again.

Was this magic? Was this happening for real? The little princess seemed innocent. Did she cause this magic? His memories of a terrible childhood were washed away. He lost every sense of time. As if he was falling asleep, in a very deep sleep. He closed his eyes. Heavy eyes. The magic flow took over his soul and heart. It went everywhere. The darkest places first. It turned every corner back to the sunny side. Hours later - when the autumn sun was ready to take a break - he woke up. The bench was white and warm now.

He looked at his right side. There was no little princess. His clothes were changed. He was wearing magnificent colors. It made him smile. He looked around him and saw all happy children surrounding him. For the first time in his life he noticed how the birds were singing a lovely song. He sang with them. He finally heard his own voice. Pure. Beautiful. With his new life energy he attracted other children. They wanted to be near him. He was such a warm soul now. His body was relaxed. He was free. Free to move through life. Following the river of happiness.

From a distance the golden princess smiled. She had returned to her home, the divine sun. High above the sky. With starry eyes she wrote in her diamond diary. She practiced and wrote down her magic actions to improve her skills. She was destined to become one of the best magicians ever. True potential. The boy felt that someone was watching him. He looked up with an amazing smile. Smiling is contagious. It spreads easily. He whispered: "Thank you, sweet little princess, for giving my life back. I lost myself somewhere on the journey". Twelve royal swans appeared. Each swan was representing a letter and together they built a sentence. It said: "We love you, boy".

Sweeter Than Sugar by Liesbeth Leysen

Sweeter Than Sugar(Photo Credit: David Niblack, http://davesfreephotos.com)

#5 oh I love your story, #Katja Bader, thanks so much for sharing it.

Katja Bader 2/10/2016 · #5

Nice buzz. Everybody can make a little magic with a smile. If you say "Hello" to people you do not know and give them a smile, in 99% they will smile back even if they do not look friendly or happy before. I made an experience with a costumer. He was a grumpy old man, never smiling, always in a bad mood. But when he was coming to our shop, I was always smiling to him, always kind and friendly. And one day he changed his behavior, he told me things about his life, from his beloved garden. So we had a very nice relatioship until he died...

+3 +3

#2 thanks so much @Lisa Gallagher, wonderful comment, love it!

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#1 so well said #Anandhi Krishnan.

Lisa 🐝 Gallagher 2/10/2016 · #2

@Liesbeth Leysen, this story brought happy tears to my face. If only more people would realize how powerful a smile is and it's also catchy. If only more people would understand that an act of simple kindness can change the world or someone's world. Your writing is so moving and I love the stories you tell which have such great lessons contained within. I was able to visualize this as I read it. Thank you!

+3 +3
Anandhi Krishnan 2/10/2016 · #1

Bringing sunshine into ones life.....a radiating deed. We all feel low on quite a few occasions, we get disappointed too. A magic touch, a smile, an eager ear and a strong shoulder is what all of us need at sometime or the other in our lives.

+1 +1