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The Dragon That Wanted To Fly To Australia.

There was once a very sweet dragon, Matadel was his name. Everyone who saw him, was touched by his cute appearance. It was as if he was wearing the sun in his heart. One day, Matadel woke up with a big dream. He wanted to visit Australia. He had seen a video on YouTube and loved the way kangaroos jumped over trees and flowers. He wanted to learn that too. Curious as he was, he made a plan to get to Australia very soon. He was so happy that he could work towards what he loved so much.

He nurtured himself with the most healthy food so that his wings got stronger every day. Vegetables and fruits were on his menu. His mood was so uplifting. In the forest all other animals could hear him sing out loud. When they heard him sing, they all started to move and shake. The positive touch of Matadel was clear. Somewhere in the middle of the forest, Matadel had found a calendar. Every day he put a mark on the day that was gone, so he felt how he was coming closer to his dream.

The birds in the trees checked his wings. As true experts they could give him the best advice. The report was mentioning this: a hand full of cranberries, some more apples and oranges, two carrots and more tomatoes. Matadel smiled and followed the birds' advice. With the intake of all vitamins, he really looked handsome. His skin was shining as the most precious gold. The story about Matadel's dream was picked up by a journalist, who visited Matadel's forest one day. His attention was genuine.

He was inspired by the story and made an article about Matadel. He took a most lovely picture and Matadel showed his brightest smile. The story got published in Australia. A very successful entrepreneur was reading the article and had an idea. He called his team and they made a plan. A huge drone would pick Matadel up in the forest and bring him to the country of his dreams. The plan was put into action. The drone was ready to fly. The team on board was looking forward to supporting Matadel.

In the morning, Matadel heard a buzzing sound. This was not a huge fly and not some kind of big bird. A drone just had landed in the forest. Matadel, joyful as he was, instantly walked towards the drone. The entrepreneur smiled as he saw Matadel. "You are invited to come along with us, Matadel, Australia is waiting for you!", said the entrepreneur. Matadel was so happy that his wings made some sort of applause. He did not hesitate one second and jumped on board of the drone.

Never before, the world had seen such a cute smile on the face of a dragon. The whole world smiled with him. On a screen he could already see all Australian kangaroos. They were preparing a welcome dance for him. The entrepreneur told Matadel that he was so impressed about Matadel's efforts to make his dream come true. His faith got rewarded. The entrepreneur gave Matadel the most lovely present ever: he could spend as much time as he wanted with the kangaroos. Matadel's heart was excited as never before.

Matadel could not believe his eyes. He looked up to the sky and saw all stars twinkling. Now he knew deep in his heart that dreams do come true, as long as you have the trust and faith that they will manifest some day. He worked for it and took action in the right direction. The universe saw it and looked for a matching gift. The kangaroos and Matadel had so much fun. They danced and laughed. Matadel learned to jump higher each day. The sun in his heart made the whole world smile. Each night before he closed his eyes, he said: "Thank you, stars, you made my dream come true."

By Liesbeth Leysen

Professional Writer

Spoken version:

Note from the author:

Dragon Matadel is named after Mat(ilda) and Adel(aide).

This story is made for Lance's grandchildren, Matilda and Adelaide, who are such sweet little ladies. Furthermore, Matilda celebrates her two years today! Happy Birthday, sweet Matilda!

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