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The Frog Kissed Her. She Became A Princess.

The last century has seen many little girls kissing frogs so they could meet their prince, thanks to a beloved fairy tale. What about the frog? What did he want? I knew a little frog with a big plan ... A fairy tale with another storyline. The frog took responsibility over his life. Finally. After months in the cool water, he decided to turn the tide. He created a plan. It is true. Every success story is linked to a plan. He realised that. Patiently he observed the environment. It was clear to him what he was searching for. He could describe into the finest details how she would have to look, how she would be.

His most desired female version was created in the frog's mind first. The other frogs would become green with envy when they would see his choice of heart. He had class, he had so much style. The count down began. Days passed by. Nights. Days. Nights. Sunrises and sunsets. Every day was different. Full of adventures. The journey was wonderful. He smiled. The joy of seeing her soon made him happy. His songs became more joyful day by day. His dance expressed that he was in the right mood to take a next step on his path.

He heard a sound. Instantly he understood that his most important day had come. Nature announced true love. He felt intuitively that she was nearby. Then he saw her stunning eyes. Her soul was shining. She was not aware of his plan, so he had to surprise her. He had to put a spell on her. Without the kiss, she could not be transformed into his beloved one. So he talked to her. She listened. He made her laugh. That is what all women want, isn't it? He reduced his voice. A smart plan to bring her nearer to his green lips.

She approached him. His stories were amazing. The atmosphere was deliciously natural. The water created ripples of hope. His heart was beating more. She liked him. Soul much. He knew he was catching her heart soon. He waited for the perfect occasion. She was the perfect answer to his heart's dream. A divine call. They were very close now. Romance in the air. The fishes were swimming around them. A heart shape form. Suddenly the frogs kissed. In that special moment she became a princess. His princess. It proved once again that with faith and patience all is possible.

The Frog Kissed Her. She Became A Princess. By Liesbeth Leysen

The Frog Kissed Her. She Became A Princess.(Photo Credit: David Niblack,

#7 glad you do @Lisa Gallagher, thank you, from the heart

Lisa Gallagher 29/9/2016 · #7

I really enjoyed this story @Liesbeth Leysen, your very creative!

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Gert Scholtz 27/9/2016 · #5

@Liesbeth Leysen Oh this is so charming! Thanks for a lovely story Liesbeth.

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#1 thank you @Deb Helfrich, beautiful compliment.

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Deb Helfrich 27/9/2016 · #2

An incredibly moving version of a classic tale,

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Deb Helfrich 27/9/2016 · #1

"She liked him. Soul much." I am enamored of your enticing version, @Liesbeth Leysen. This is exquisite writing.

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