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The HR Selection Process From A Dog's Perspective

Application sent. With confidence. With my wet nose on the button. Not the first one that I have sent. One in a long series. This time the vacancy mentioned the request for a loving lab, but I am sure that I can do the same job and maybe even better. I have many years of experience in giving love. I can move my tail as no one else can. My eyes can express all kind of emotions. With ease and grace. My emotional intelligence would pass any given test. Try me. I do not bite. My ears are large and soft, that is why I am so good at listening to all of your stories.

Weeks pass by with no news from the recruiter. My eyes are now as wet as my nose. I feel sadness. I check once again my mailbox. A few delicious bones, and one letter. The letter is written by someone from HR. I do not qualify for the job, they say. My cv does not match their description of the job. I feel hopeless and wonder why HR thinks inside boxes over and over again. Do not tell me that labs can only do the job. I am a unique dog with special skills; I can adapt to any job. I decide to lay down and think this process over. 

I admit, I would not even think of applying for a cat's role, but come on, dogs can do so much. We all can. Dogs are dogs and are brave. We bark and sometimes we bite. In danger. Or when we lose our mind. A fish position would not be the suitable answer to my dog's dreams, I agree with all of you, but this dog's role, would really be something that would lead to the business' success. The recruiter looked once more to my cv only. Decided that I can only do what I have been doing so far. This way I can only become what I already was. No room for growth. Limited thinking at its worst.

In the newspaper I read that the vacancy got filled. The lab has the role. The job is done with the same effect. Same results. No novelty. Innovation escaped. The business did not make any difference. They were used to do things the same way. I forgive the recruiters. They do not know better. They learned to think inside boxes. Boxes are safe. I love to play in boxes too. I usually hide there my bones. But once I have done with playing, I love being a part of the big world. I move on. My tail says it all. I am in the mood for a bigger role. 

I believe in me and the recruiter that sees my unique spark, will get me. The lab looked pale this morning. Its tail seemed frozen. They say that it could not grow inside the business. The boxes did not allow any flexible move. I am happy that I can be me. I do not have to limit myself. While I bark my way through life, I discover many bones to play with. The world is full of chances. My tail points in the right direction. A recruiter calls me and when I notice that my mindset is echoed, I give this business all my love and so much more. With a wet nose and a happily ever after tail. I am not a lab, I am so much more. 

By Liesbeth Leysen

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The HR Selection Process From A Dog's Perspective(Picture credit:

About the author:

Liesbeth Leysen (1971) was born in Herentals, Belgium, to Belgian parents with French, German and Dutch blood. She grew up in Mol, Belgium, but as a global quadrilingual EN-FR-DE-NL business professional with a master in translation (Belgium) she spent a decade of her life in Germany (practical work experience), Luxembourg (4 years) and Switzerland (5 years). She returned to Belgium in 2015. 

Her strong interest and passion for coaching and excellence in leadership and management resulted in a certified executive coaching certification at the Goldsmith Stakeholder Centered Coaching' (US) and a Master of Science degree in International Management (UK).

Furthermore Liesbeth loves to learn and to apply helpful insights from multiple behavioral sciences such as psychology and anthropology to dismantle self-imposed and forced limitations in order to liberate the full potential of the individual. 

As a little girl she was in love with books, she just could not stop reading. She is actively involved as Published Author, VIP and Brand Ambassador at beBee. Grateful for her own joyful reading experience, Liesbeth wants to set the hearts of her audience on fire.

Liesbeth discovered that her passionate purpose in life is to make a difference with truthful and emotional cinematic storytelling. She is enthusiastic to learn to master this craft more and more. Success starts with taking that first step in the right direction.

Liesbeth always follows her heart and her dreams. The driving force throughout her life is the awareness that we are the only one who can make our dreams come true. Therefore we need to embrace the role of movie director, assume full responsibility for our choices, decisions and actions to create thoses scenes that really add meaning and fulfillment to our lives.

"You have to really be courageous about your instincts and your ideas. Otherwise you'll just knuckle under, and things that might have been memorable will be lost." - Francis Ford Coppola

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