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What If ...

… the universe was so gentle that it teaches you your blind spots by reflecting them to you in your direct environment? A sort of mirror, so to say … If that would be the case, what have you been noticing lately?

Wouldn't that be nice? To be told the truth in a more mysterious way? What if different aspects of your being were represented by the people you meet on a daily basis at work and in private life just to bring to your awareness what you need to know to grow from the inside out? 

What if we are invited to become the best version of ourselves by the powerful universe in ways we could not have invented ourselves? What if we are the creators of our own reality? Would we be able to manage it all with care? What if many stories can unfold at the same present moment and we press the buttons of the future that we think we deserve most?

A lot of what ifs, but certainly worthwhile to bring them into our awareness. To be a genius might be a right we all carry deep down in our core, we only have to be ready to bring it in our life. Are you ready to spread your Wings and fly? Being average is a burdon, unless you do not seek more of life. Spreading excellence is an honor … and we all can say yes to it.

What if the universe loves us all so much that it planted seeds of excellence in all of us and once we feel ready, we let these bloom as high as we want to. What if there were no limitations? What if there were no boundaries? What if there was so much room for growth that growth itself became overwhelmed by all the power?

Do not settle for average, if you are built to reach for the moon!

In what ways can you make a difference in your mindset this week?

By Liesbeth Leysen, MSc. International Management

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Myrla Morta Dec 17, 2019 · #25

Love the last line... So inspiring 🌹🌹🌹

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Myrla Morta Dec 17, 2019 · #24

Love the last line... So inspiring 🌹🌹🌹

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Joao Chitali Dec 13, 2019 · #23

Nice to meet you hear this is great thinking with a purpose. Which planet do you want to stay on?. Is the Earth safe for you?. Off course acceptance is Key. Sorry I am not able to load my pic now.

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Greg Rolfe Dec 3, 2019 · #22

#19 Acceptance is key. Just be aware of what you accept.

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Greg Rolfe Dec 3, 2019 · #21

#6 Hay Pascal . What if. Self realization?

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#12 Everyone of us is Unique and valuable in his or her own way, John.


#9 Yes indeed Mrs Spotlights. Acceptance is key.