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The Best 13 Most Popular Brands That Are Using WordPress

The Best 13 Most Popular Brands That Are Using WordPressDid you know that WordPress is the engine behind 32% of the entire web? What started as an ambitious content management engine is now one of the most popular and sought-after essay writing service .Remember to follow Paper Writing Pro Service and  college essay writing service to understand the basics of Wordpress!

Both big and small brands adore WordPress because of its simplicity, straightforward hosting and a vast number of themes. To show you how omnipresent WordPress is, we’ve decided to present you the best 15 most popular brands that use WordPress.

1. Bloomberg Professional

Bloomberg Professional boasts a sleek and elegant black theme with a giant header. Themes like theirs will always be efficient, and are a valid testament of the popularity of WordPress. Other similar sites combine classic WordPress theme with outsourced content from top essay writing services, such as EssayMama.

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2. Sony Music

Sony is one of the most prolific music companies of all time, but they insist on sticking to the basics. Their WordPress theme includes a massive header with sections for each artist, including a Twitter timeline. If you’re also running a music company or an art related site, focus on artist descriptions.

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3. Microsoft News

You see how important simplicity is? This is why WordPress will only grow as time passes by. Microsoft News adopted a classic, magazine-style layout with two rotating types of slots for news.

For magazines and blogs, this perhaps the best approach to web design. Clarity is a priority when showcasing your posts. Microsoft understood this concept perfectly, which one of the reasons for this site’s success.

4. TechCrunch

If you’re looking for the top news on technology, startups and cutting-edge gadgets, TechCrunch is the place to be. This WordPress format is a little bit different than most, focusing on width more than height.

The aim of this design is to allow visitors to see as much content as possible, without unnecessary scrolling. WordPress themes like this enable ease of use and pleasant browsing. It’s a great choice for blogs.

5. The Walt Disney Company

One of the most important entertainment companies on the planet is using WordPress to run their website. This particular theme features a rotating array of feature images with clearly defined sections in the header.

It provides an interface that easy on the eyes, along with interactive animations to keep you entertained. All these popular brands have one thing in common - they’re putting an emphasis on visual content and simplicity. Websites that are “packed” with content don’t go well with people.

6. Vogue

Vogue is arguably the most important fashion magazine in the entire world. To personify their minimalist approach and rich history, Vogue opted for an unorthodox design, mixing lavish HD images with a simple black and white layout.

The goal is obvious - the images should be in the center of attention, while the letters should be obvious and easily readable. This is yet another example of how WordPress allows you to express the identity of your brand without compromises.

7. The Harvard Gazette

This website is yet another example of excellently utilized space. With clearly separated sections, you can focus on individual blogs and see what they’re about. This format is ideal for blogs of various specialization.

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8. The Mozilla Blog

One of the most famous companies in the world, Mozilla has always been adamant in promoting their own unique style. Their website is run on WordPress and features their imagery, along with just a few sections. It’s simple, clear and send the right message.

Underneath the large header, you can find various news about tech, Mozilla and pretty much everything else. A stunning example of design.

9. Usain Bolt

For athletes and celebrities, there is nothing more important than having a sight that exemplifies their brand. Usain Bolt, arguably the best track and field athlete of all time, has a website built on WordPress.

The layout is fast-paced and filled with various featured images, depicting his career achievements. It’s simple, straight-to-your-face and focused on visual content.

The header features various sections, including a store that’s also built using WordPress. This is yet another example of what WordPress can do for your branding and business goals.

10. Reuters

Perhaps the best use of WordPress is for written blogs, such as this one from Reuters. Heralded as one of the most important news agencies in the world, Reuters uses this blog to showcase stories from business, politics and much more. With a layout catered to feature multiple blogs, this site is everything a new agency needs.

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11. The Wall Street Journal Law Blog

Not every blog and website are fit for colorful and imposing themes. WordPress also possesses a myriad of options for more serious sites, just like The Wall Street Journal Law Blog. They don’t use any images, aside from blog-specific thumbnails.

There is enough space for other sections, under the featured blogs list. You can read all about the most interesting cases and the most important people involved in those cases. It’s a serious blog with a serious image.

12. Angry Birds

On one side you have law-based blogs and on the other - a video game made for children. WordPress can truly give you all in terms of web design. This Angry Birds theme is yet another variation of the classic “featured image + header sections” formula that works so well for many brands. For children, there is nothing more important than clarity and colors.

With bolded letters and even bolder color combinations, this Angry Birds website is striking and can capture the attention of even the youngest fans.

13. Sweden

WordPress has become so big that even countries decide to use it for their official websites. Sweden has made a conscious effort to promote their country using an interactive design centered around various facts. Every section gets the same space, along with a square-shaped thumbnail.

These grid-style layouts are becoming more and more popular. If you want to draw attention to only one story, featuring it can bring attention, but only to that single post. Grids allow visitors to choose from a number of links and click on what they find the most interesting.

Concluding thoughts

WordPress is the engine behind a lot of popular websites and big brands. With their platform, they allow for an infinite number of options in terms of design and features. The cheap hosting and domain name are miniscule expenses when compared to the overall effect of WordPress.

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