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Request Kathy Caprino To Answer My Question

Request Kathy Caprino To Answer My  Question

Hello Kathy Caprino,

Because LinkedIn blocks me so that I have to come here to keep on asking you to answer my question.

I wrote the different view with yours in your post of at that moment.

My view is the value of an employee is to be honest and positive at any situation and have the ability to finish the tasks. But you replied I had many conflicts with others. I replied I didn't know you. (The account of mine has been being restricted soon after that day until now. )

You never worked at any company I worked at, and I never dropped any comment on any your writing before. Please write down here what is the meanings of your comment of "You have many conflicts with others" on me.

P.S I know you already had read my question before Oct 28 on LinkedIn. You hosted the interactive communication on your home page of Facebook a few days ago. Maybe you don't know FB is always cut off by Great Firewall. :-)

Now I host the interactive communication here. As you have guts to drop such a judgement on me, there is no reason to have no guts to answer my question. is it right? :-)

Thanks In advance. :-)

Notice: The post is only for Kathy Caprino. So other professionals, please don't drop your comment here. Because it will make the simple thing complex. Thanks in advance.