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Did you once encounter such a manager?

Did you once encounter such a manager?

I was interviewed by Wenli Yu in one Job Fair hosted by one Guangzhou hotel. He was the director of CommTest at that time. And interviewed by HR Manager of CCOP in Shenzhen. I was the fourth employee registered on the department.

At the initial stage, I argued to need German Town site to help us to set up the Linux Server to manage development tools. Wenli Yu was unsatisfied with my opinion. But at that time, nobody had Linux development experiences. Finally he sent the email to German Town site with my opinion and cc me. Then German Town helped us to set up the server. So I realized he did not have the experiences on R&D. later got to know he was a sale man before.

Paul Zhang was Project Manager of ASAM project. Steven Yuan was Project Manager of E1 project, he was recommend by one upper manager at CCOP. Over a few months, Wenli Yu declared Steven Yuan to assist him to play a role of the duty of the director, and asked Steven Yuan to take part in ASAM project meeting once a week too.

On one day of about November, after one ASAM project meeting with Indy U.S site on evening, the conflict was happened between Paul Zhang and Wenli Yu. Other members were Steven Yuan, one hardware engineer and me. Next morning, I received one email published by Paul Zhang to blame Wenli Yu's leading ability. So I got to know Paul Zhang was fired, and got to know Wenli Yu forced him to carry his goods to walked out the gate of the company building. Paul Zhang entered the office using another staff's gate card to send out the email to all staffs of the site in public on the morning.

Next year, around June, suddenly hearing Steven Yuan resigned and quickly left the company after a week, hearing he migrated to Canada. I once talked with Steven Yuan in the corridor of office, spoke to him "happy to work, people have the different experiences, it needs the time to know about each other." And repeated such words at the work office when Wenli Yu was on the spot.

At the beginning of 2008, Wenli Yu declared the name list of the manager of E1 software team; the manager of the hardware team; the manager of FPGA team; the manager of the test team; the manager of mechanism team. He was charge of the manager of ASAM wireless software team. Next year, ASAM wireless software team was merged into E1 software team.

Wenli Yu was promoted to General Manager of the site around Oct, 2008, and still was in charge of the director of CommTest.

Since 2008, I gradually felt colleagues would not like to communicate with me, I tried to find out the reason, but no results. So I only had to keep the silence except a project meeting once a week and did not take part in any activity hosted by the company any more.

Not long Later, Wenli Yu asked me to go to his office by an email and spoke to me some colleague hoped me to speak softly. I didn't know what was happened. I was almost silent every day. So replied maybe some colleague was under the strain, then still silent, so he let me go.

Over a few of weeks, he asked me to go to his office by an email again and spoke to me some colleague hoped me to care about them. I were really confused, so nothing to say, so he let me go.

At the beginning of 2009 year, T1 project was started, the GUI platform was planned to select one platform based on Qt using in another U.S site.

Next year, around June or so, Wenli Yu forwarded the email from the site to me, asked me to answer their concerns. Then I replied the email to him and cc people he cc to me to answer their questions. Over two or three days, one engineer in cc list sent the email to me, implicitly said to want to take a look the source code. So I sent the Gui codes of T1 to him/her. Later, such a communication with me was cut off. So later I refused to provide the detail modification on Qt source code to the local guy who played a middle man. And refused the task to give the training on Qt development assigned by local software manager at the beginning of 2010. Later, Wenli Yu assigned four software engineers to the site to get the training around the end of 2010 after T1 product was put on the line.

At the beginning of June 2010, another software task of project from another site was assigned to me by Wenli Yu after the project meeting.

On one day at the beginning of the project, the local software manager asked me to go to Wenli Yu's office with him, Wenli Yu inquired me whether I took part in the project meeting in the meeting room with the local manager during he was on the trip business, I said yes, and added it was not needed later, it was enough good that I directly communicated with that site by the "MS message" on my seat. But he disagreed and adhered to I needed a translator. So I had to say, OK, let that guy to play a translator for me if he had time. The majority other software engineers, the local software manager, and other managers etc. had been assigned to German Town at the beginning of 2009, and they had stayed there for almost one year . But my English is not bad than them, and enough good to my work, my most computer books are English Version.

At the beginning 2011, Wenli Yu suddenly asked me to do the software works about automatic test, I have nothing interested in it, so I refused. So I tried to contact with the site I was working for whether I could have the chance to transfer there, the manager said "the matter he need his boss agree and his boss need his his boss agree." So I said "as long as he agree and the top manager agree, it is OK," in my side, "Wenli Yu will support me and he knows the conflicts between the local software manager and me." Later, the manager introduced the current situation of the site to me. but I still wanted to transfer there. Later, he finally agreed. Then I sent the email to apply the transfer to Wenli Yu. Late, Wenli Yu asked me to go to his office by the email, then advised me not to transfer and said that site was shrinking. I refused his advice, then he started to blame me "I had the bad communication with all". I had nothing to say, then he spoke to me "do you know who pay your salary?" I was still silent. then he let me leave his office.

I came back my seat, then sent the email to Wenli Yu. It said "Nothing to talk. Nothing to talk, Nothing to talk. If you don't agree, I go back Guangzhou. Nobody can change my decision, even if my father." using RED color."

Then, I heard the gossips, the source of the gossips was from his secretary, spreading I would leave the company. Over a few days, HR manager came to my seat to ask me to go to his office, and said Wenli Yu forwarded my that email using RED color to him, and said the company did not support the transfer, and persuaded me to stay the site. I refused. HR manager asked me the reason. I said nothing, but only still insisted on my decision. Next day, HR asked me to go to HR office to fill in the resignation form and asked me to leave the company after signing on that today, that day was around the end of Jan, 2011, I refused, HR finally agreed to change the date of the resignation to Mar, 31 2011. HR already approved 3 weeks annual leaves to me in Feb[CNY is in Feb] before the conflict happened.

One day before one week I came back to the office, I received the email from the manager, he told me "Wenli Yu still think the transfer is not good idea in the meeting and inquire me how about my plan". I told him my current situation, and said "I will not transfer, I will come back Guangzhou."

I came back the office on 1, March, 2011, left the company on March 28, 2011. The manager who agreed my transfer left the company before 2012. Wenli Yu was dismissed in Sep 2014 at both positions of general manager and the director of that department.

When I quit, I got to know Wenli Yu once many times spoke to HR staffs, CCOP director etc. I was a rather good software engineer, so he had to fire Paul Zhang and Steven Yuan, and I got to know he monitored and accessed all emails of each staff of CommTest after Paul Zhang sent that email to blame him in public.

During I worked there, I never had gotten any training. The resource what I used was same as other software engineers. Nobody had provided any ideas and skills for the design and implementation of my any software task.

BTW, I had guided one firmware software engineer how to build Nano-X and told him where to modify in the source code and how to modify them for adapting to the color LCD because he was not able to modify the source code on FB. The source code and its annotation on the screen driver on Nano-X and the Document of Nano-X is very simple and clear as long as you understand English and C and have read that color LCD specification, all is easy.

I list the resources I used below.

1. Every software engineer of CommTest had both PCs. one was Window OS, another was Linux OS. I just only had two PCs.

2. The Documents on Measurement Framework Platform. The Documents on the software system from Nano-X to Boot Loader. The Document on procedure of Building & Debug etc. The compilers, Binary Libs, The ARM Linux OS package and the original source code packages of project which was about to develop was "kick start" from the Linux Development Tool Server synced by German Town.

The software architecture of project is composed of Gui, Measurement Framework Platform, Test Applications, Boot Loader and Linux OS. The source code of Measurement Framework Platform, and Test Applications were reused. But Boot Loader, and Gui was about to change or create for the new project. And some drivers of Linux OS like Keypad Driver, Battery etc. needed to modify too. Notice, In some project, some of Test Applications needed to slightly modify or create .

3. Gui had two platforms. One was based on Nano-X provided by German Town, another is Triple Play platform provided by another U.S site. But excluded Qt Library.

I downloaded Qt 4.4.3 open source code from Qt's site, modified the source code about the screen drivers of Qt library for adapting to the Color LCD and built for the embedded Linux OS of T1 by myself too.

4. A4 papers. I once printed much more many document on Qt Library 4.4.3. The height of the hard copy of Document is more than 0.5m, but less 1m. and other documents related to the projects involved me.

Notice: CommTest in Shenzhen site of the company was dismissed in Sep, 2014.There are two divisions located at one office in Shenzhen, one is subordinate to CCOP established before 2000 year or so, another was subordinate to CommTest established in Mar, 2006 year.