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Great communication makes for well-informed staff and smooth operations

We are always intrigued as to how our clients use digital signage software, from displaying menus, advertising products and services or as a communication tool to keep staff informed of what's happening that day.  The latter is especially useful where you have shift workers such as in factories or in the care and healthcare sectors.

Great communication makes for well-informed staff and smooth operations

In one financial industry, Repeat Signage digital signage software is used to display the CEO's daily agenda on display screens plus a live video stream of Bloomberg TV and a flash RSS news feed placed along the bottom of the display screen.  

Repeat Signage has access to a free RSS feed creator which makes it easy for you to quickly create news items.  You start with a title of your newsfeed and add a couple of sentences of summary, with an optional link to a webpage for more information. 

RSS news feeds are used extensively in digital signage presentations to communicate quick announcements and welcome messages for visitors to your organisation.  An RSS news feed on your website will allow web visitors to click the link to a separate webpage to read more information should they find your news item of interest.

On our own website we have an RSS icon along with our other social media icons, which links to our RSS news feed, which is another tool that helps with communication and search engine optimisation (SEO).

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