Linda Adams in IT - Information Technology, Pharmacist, Advertising Marketing Director • Repeat Software Ltd Mar 4, 2019 · 1 min read · +400

How to communicate help and information at your local pharmacy

Digital signage is in daily use in a wide variety of public outlets including schools, hospitals, care homes, hotels, restaurants, airports and shopping centers as well as in business reception areas and leisure centers such as art galleries, libraries and sports centers.

Digital signage is all about displaying still and moving images and dynamic content on display screens and video walls.  Most businesses use PowerPoint, which is software consisting of a series of separate pages or slides for presentations.  Digital signage software, such as Windows-based Repeat Signage software allows you to promote your products or services dynamically including playlist of images, videos, scrolling RSS news feeds, real-time and date, animated gifs, webcam and documents such as spreadsheets and even PowerPoint slides.  

How to communicate help and information at your local pharmacy  Your presentations can be scheduled to display at various times of the day or week, for example, in a pharmacy, you can display when the pharmacist is on duty for collection of medication, give weather reports and display short healthcare video clips, etc. 

See pharmacy case study.

"The Pharmacy chain we are working with wanted the option to put live TV with subtitles on their presentations. We researched another software and found that the cost was over two thousand pound. Then we discovered Repeat Signage.

The Repeat Signage Standard licence when used with a Roxio Easy VHS to DVD 3 Plus (PC) box at less than fifty pounds, uses USB capture which combined with a FreeView box allows them to use the webcam to capture the image. Sub titles are added to the screen so that patients can read the newsfeed without disturbing others". Alan Crawshaw, Hardy Digital.