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How to communicate local beauty spots and travel information to tourists and locals

Display screens and digital signage tend to be in the areas of retail, shopping centres, airports and restaurants.

On the small Greek touristic island of Amorgos, an Internet cafe and tourist information office have been successfully using Repeat Signage software since 2015 to keep tourists and locals updated on their beautiful island.

Digital signage software, downloaded onto a computer, allows various media to be inserted and moved around the screen to create a presentation.  Include videos of tourist attractions, slideshow of pictures of local beauty spots, RSS feeds of bus schedules, local and International news, insert a weather widget, real time and date and you create something of interest to tourists and locals alike.

How to communicate local beauty spots and travel information to tourists and locals

With options to update the software via local network or remotely over the Internet, this offers opportunities for information offices to create presentations and display these on screens in shop windows, town halls, libraries etc., which means when visitors come to your local area, they quickly learn what local attractions are available, instead of aimlessly wandering round wondering where to go next.

At Foritos on the beautiful Greek island of Amorgos, they have successfully used Repeat Signage since 2015.

"We use the standard version of Repeat Signage, providing our clients with the opportunity to learn about our offers through .ppt slide shows, get information about the weather through frames, and also watch a travel guide video with the sights of the island. In that same image we inform the public through RSS feeds on bus schedules as well as news from Greece and abroad".

Case study:

We are keen to work with reseller partners in Mediterranean tourist areas, who already supply display screens or IT Services to their clients and wish to add Repeat Signage software to their portfolio to offer a complete digital signage solution.