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How to generate revenue whilst promoting our own and complementary services

A Hull Music Centre are making good use of digital signage software. In addition to promoting their events on their reception area display screen, they also take pictures and videos of the students musical performances and display these on-screen.

How to generate revenue whilst promoting our own and complementary services

During the events and at weekends the venue is for hire and digital signage provides an opportunity for advertising revenue for concerts and other activities.

Repeat Signage software includes advert templates, into which you drop your images and text and save as an advert. These can then be scheduled to play at different times of the day or week and for specific periods of time.

For example, when the venue is hired out in the evening, presentations or advertisements promoting the current event can be displayed on-screen, which not only keeps their attendees updated but also provides revenue for the music venue.

Menus of the refreshment facilities can also be displayed at intervals.

Another way to increase revenue is by displaying videos of the students music performances and offering these for sale to parents as a memento of their child's concert.

These are just a few ideas of how digital signage software can benefit organizations and businesses.

"As we get more proficient with the software we hope to make use of the scheduling features to display content appropriate to the occupancy at the time. The City of Hull Young Musicians’ Friends’ Association are indebted to Repeat Software for helping to get this excellent tool up and running".

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