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How to help residents, staff and visitors in care homes and nursing homes

Care homes and nursing homes can benefit from digital signage display screens.

How to help residents, staff and visitors in care homes and nursing homes

Care services can be showcased and visitors welcomed on a reception area screen, and include both analog and digital clocks, newsfeed and playlist of photo, as well as reminders and congratulatory messages.

A playlist of photos of residents participating in activities, birthday celebrations or memorabilia can be displayed to entertain residents, or a video of gentle exercises.

Residents can easily see what meals they want to choose with picture menus on a dining room display screen.  This saves time of a member of staff having to read out what's available to elderly residents, some of whom may be slow in deciding. Far better to have visual images.

Staff hand-over time can be reduced by displaying important information on a display screen in the nurses station or administration office, and helps to ensure that everyone sees the relevant information.  Staff during the day, can add important information into a txt file, which then updates the display screen.

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