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How to involve your students to improve communication and learn a new skill

Repeat Signage is in daily use in schools across the UK and the US. When we launched Repeat Signage Windows-based digital signage software, 10 years ago, we set out to prove how easy it was to use by challenging 10year old pupils to create a presentation for their school reception display screen.

So successful was the experiment, that the school added the project to their curriculum, as it involved the pupils taking videos of sports day and drama class, photos of artwork, learning to create RSS news feeds, and enjoy drag and drop experience of creating their own presentations of school logo, real-time clocks, etc.

Since then, the software includes an in-built spreadsheet ideal for display of school menus, financial spreadsheets, Word documents, display of page-turning PDFs, touch screen support and other features. Schools like the fact that content can be updated manually, via local network, from a website or remotely over the Internet all without on-going costs.

How to involve your students to improve communication and learn a new skill

At Westholme School, they wanted an easy and engaging way to deliver information to students and get them interested in current affairs.

"We are very happy with the impact that the screens have had and the simple hardware and software set-up meant we were able to do everything in-house keeping costs down.  See case study

The licence for Repeat Signage is for each Windows computer playing presentations onto 1 display screen. However, you can download the software onto as many Windows computers as you wish to create presentations, and they will play for 10 minutes before 'trial version' message appears.  This is long enough for teachers or student to create presentations away from site, only paying for the licence when the 'playing computer' is connected to a display screen to play the presentations.

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Absolutely beautiful! Engagement is key when it comes to educating. Thanks for sharing!