Linda Adams in IT - Information Technology, Travel, Travel Agents Marketing Director • Repeat Software Ltd Feb 19, 2019 · 1 min read · +400

How to keep enable great communication when staff come to work at different times

When looking at railway networks and display screens, we tend to think of travel information, which of course passengers need to know when the next train is arriving and on which platform. 

Digital signage display screens can update, inform and even entertain passengers, whilst waiting for trains or enjoying a coffee in platform cafes.  A variety of media can be displayed on screen, from food and drink menus, advertising products in railway station shops, promoting tourism in the local area, advertising taxi services, etc.  RSS news feeds can give timely information such as emergency notices or just to thank passengers for using their facilities.

How to keep enable great communication when staff come to work at different times

Around Australia, in the Locomotive Drivers Depots, keeping their staff up to date with business and safety has been a challenge. At the Adelaide Drivers Depot, they have been using Repeat Signage digital signage software, with very good results.

Communication is key and with drivers coming into the depot at different times, having display screens with updated and relevant information is important.

"Having the ability to have changing scenarios, updating remotely, has been excellent. Before it was just PowerPoint rolling through the screen, now I can mix and match scrolling text with the RSS feeds etc".  See case study.

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