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How to showcase your school's activities using digital signage software on display screens

Many schools are now using digital signage software to showcase their activities and aid communication on display screens in reception or around the campus. Displaying a variety of media, pictures, text, real-time, videos, audio, spreadsheets, documents, page-turning PDF brochures, animated gifs, webcam, etc., can help give teachers, students, parents and visitors a real flavour of what their school life is all about.

How to showcase your school's activities using digital signage software on display screens

At Sandwell Academy, they use digital signage in their restaurant to display menus, and now looking at other ways of using it around the school.

"Utilizing an old PC, we connected a 42-inch NEC display as the PC's monitor and ran Repeat Signage software. We have four signage files; one for breakfast and three for different weeks. The breakfast and lunch menus both contain two panels that link to external .RTF (real text format) files; with the lunch menus automatically set to show a certain RTF on a certain day."

"We've found Repeat Signage to be a useful tool which aids the smooth flow of customers through the restaurant. We are currently planning on how to utilize digital signage for other areas within the Academy".

See the case study:

Involving students

Students can help to create content for their display screens, by taking photos of school artwork, videos of sports day or school concerts and plays, and moving the media around their Windows computer screen to create eye-catching presentation, which can then be saved and connected to the school display screen.  When we first launched Repeat Signage software in 2009, we set up a challenge for schools to show how easy it was for a 10 year old pupil to design a presentation.  A primary school in Devon took up the challenge with a small group of 10 and 11 year old children creating a presentation which they proudly displayed on their reception area display screen.

Sample presentations for schools.

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