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Schools are back

Schools are back Picture courtesy of Promethean UK - manufacturer interactive touch screens

Schools in the UK were back for the new term this week, and interesting that when I was at school (a few years ago now) we were 'taught' at, with little interaction and active learning.

About the only practical skills we developed were cookery, art, dissecting poor frogs, and PE.  I hated netball, wanted to play football with the boys but we weren't allowed - boys do football, girls do netball, was always the answer.  I couldn't understand the reasoning behind this 'rough boys sport', yet we girls could play hockey, which in my opinion was lethal as one girl in our class had a broken ankle due to being whacked in the midst of a 'friendly' game.  

I understand students retain about 17% of knowledge being 'taught' at, and nowadays with active learning, where doing reinforces the lesson, then, again I understand, around 75% of lesson material is retained.  

As the International, BETT Show, held annually in London each January,  looms on the horizon, it will be interesting to see what new technology manufacturers unveil for teachers, trainers - and businesses.

About 8 years ago it was interactive whiteboards, now these are mainly being replaced by large interactive flat panels, although in a college last week, I noticed interactive whiteboard, projector and large display screen and even a flipchart were in use in the room I was in. 

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Happy learning.


 Picture courtesy of Trilite by OPTI lecterns (lectern manufacturer)