Lindsey Patterson en self-defense, traveling 19/5/2016 · 2 min de lectura · +500

A Traveler's Guide to Being Prepared to Defend Your Self

Traveling is spontaneous, educational and rewarding, but if you aren't careful, it can be dangerous, too – particularly in the United States. While many countries have a reputation for danger, that idea is often overblown by the media. The strict gun laws in most countries prevent a lot of violent crime, provided travelers avoid war zones and similar areas. However, the United States has open gun laws, and as a result, the weapons are used much more often in petty robberies and assaults. Some cities in the United States have even garnered a reputation for their levels of danger; East St. Louis, for instance. However, much of this danger can be avoided and mitigated if the traveler is prepared.

The Great American Road Trip is one of the most popular forms of travel within the country, and the fact that it is undertaken with a car enables the traveler to carry the supplies they need to be prepared. Aside from luggage, a section of the trunk should be set aside to carry certain items such as a spare tire, jumper cables, road cones, spare fuel, and nonperishable food items. While it might seem like more than is necessary, preparedness is everything.

While your car and the aforementioned items serve as a source of transportation and safety, keeping your car properly defended is another priority worth your attention. If you are traveling, you are a target, especially in international countries. It's important that your car is properly insured so that if anything is to happen to you or the belongings inside, they are safe.