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If You're Stressed at Work, Try A Few of These Ideas

Stress is a common problem in the modern workplace. It can be harmful to employees and, in turn, the entire business. High levels of stress can lead to poor decision-making, a decrease in accuracy, an increase in staff illness/absence and conflict between employees. Whatever the cause of your stress may be, there are many helpful ways to manage it.

Deep Breathing Exercises

Taking a moment to breathe may sound a little too cliché, but it’s a popular technique for a reason. Studies show that deep breathing for even just a minute or two can calm down the areas of the body that are affected by stress. This means that your heart will beat slower, your muscles will relax, and your blood pressure will decrease.

There is a wide variety of exercises you can use, but the key is to stop what you’re doing to focus on nothing but your breathing for a short period of time. You can even find apps for your phone or tablet that will guide you through some patterned breathing techniques.

De-Clutter Your Workspace

Researchers at the Princeton University Neurological Institute found that when there is clutter in your workspace, it makes it harder to focus. When you can’t focus, it’s much easier to fall behind and experience anxiety. However, this can be easy to avoid. Keep your space clear of things you just don’t need to have out.

When you have a little down-time, take the opportunity to clear out clutter. It’s also a great chance to declutter electronically. Organize and delete old emails so you can stay organized. Over-communication in the workplace is linked to anxiety, and having all those emails sit in your inbox can trigger that communicational stress.

Buy a Plant for Your Desk

Flowers and plants happen to be as nice-looking as they are helping in lowering blood pressure. Washington State University released a study involving houseplants and stress. As a group of stressed people went into a plant-filled room, they experienced a significant decrease in blood pressure.

There are so many different types of indoor greenery to choose from. Succulents are a popular option for the workplace because they are low-maintenance and can be left unattended over the weekend. Go buy yourself a plant or two for your desk. It will help you feel calmer when overwhelmed. It will also help purify the air around you, which will be helpful when you’re working on those deep breathing exercises.

If You're Stressed at Work, Try A Few of These Ideas

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