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Bugs for Dinner, Anyone?

Last night I watched a show about people going to Restaurants which served bugs in various ways on The Nat Geo Channel last night. I admit, I've never tried anything bug that I'm aware of. It appears bugs are gaining popularity as the newest of proteins or at least some Chefs and/or Restaurants are promoting bugs and other foods as socially acceptable- dishes many of us would either shy away from or turn our heads with the hopes of not vomiting after seeing a deep fried Spiders as one example. 

I thought I was fairly open to trying many different types of cuisines until I watched this show. I don't think you could pay me to try some of the food others were eating. If you've eaten fried Tarantula, please share! 

Bugs for Dinner, Anyone?

Other items popular on menus that serve bugs included cockroaches, silkworm pupae, crickets, scorpions, grasshoppers (Oh yum, the legs... the legs... ) and many more bugs we wouldn't even pick up let alone eat. Maybe some of you would eat them or have? 

This article showcases some popular items eaten by Country. Check out the 'cheese, stink bugs and icecream.' 

Another item that seems to be popular in Japan and considered a delicacy are fish sperm sacs, I wonder if Dean Owen has tried these? 

The photo above from the article 33 Bizzare (and disgusting meals) People Actually Eat Across The Globe. Be sure to check it out, I think you might be surprised or feel sick after reading this and seeing the photos. No offense to anyone who does eat any of the food items listed. 

If you haven't checked out the links please watch the video below. I was shocked when I saw this. I had no idea people eat live Octopus!  They have numerous tentacles that are working quite well when it goes into the person's mouth. People have choked to death on live Octopus because of the tentacles sticking while they are swallowing. No worries, the video does now show a person choking on Octopus. 

I thought I was fairly open to eating new foods but I'm a big Wuss in comparison to those who've tried the many bugs and Octopus I've noted above. I've tried sushi, fried frogs legs, oysters, rabbit, (sorry my rabbit loving friends), alligator and possibly bugs that crawled into my food that I wasn't aware of. Please, share your food stories. I want to hear what you have tried that others may find revolting. We have many cultures on beBee so I'm sure some of what I listed may be very acceptable and tasty among some cultures and I would love to hear more about your experiences with foods that some of us fear eating. I heard Guinea pig is a very popular meat in Peru and I don't think I could ever try that either. 

For some reason I'm feeling a bit buggy right now! 

Header photo courtesy of google images 

Video courtsey of YouTube 

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Lisa Gallagher May 2, 2017 · #101

#100 I give you credit for trying. I bet pigeon does taste like garbage!

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Nicole Chardenet May 1, 2017 · #100

#99 The steak I had was pretty well-seasoned. I didn't know it was illegal in the States. Puffin tastes like pigeon (yes, I had that once too, in Chinatown) and pigeon tastes like garbage. Literally.

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Lisa Gallagher May 1, 2017 · #99

#97 #98 I had no idea anyone served whale steaks? I had to look it up because it's not legal to serve it in the US but in some countries it is. I read they aren't allowed to season it though, is that true? Awe, I couldn't eat a cute little puffin LOL. I would have never guessed whale looks like beef, interesting! Don't ask what happened to Jimmy Hoffa... LMAO, good one!! Sounds like an interesting book. I have French roots, maybe that's why strange foods capture me? ;-)

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Nicole Chardenet May 1, 2017 · #98

BTW I have an awesome book I highly recommend to other gustatory adventurists: YUCK! The Things People Eat by Neil Setchfield. It's a silly coffee table book but it covers a lot of recipes and food items from around the world that people eat. I'm proud to say that I have sampled or eaten 19 of them.

In my French family, if it doesn't move fast enough, we'll eat it. Don't ask us what happened to Jimmy Hoffa.

If he'd been in that book I just referenced, my number would be 20 :)

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Nicole Chardenet May 1, 2017 · #97

#94 It's pretty good. I also had a whale steak when I was in Iceland (along with puffin - don't eat - and kangaroo - do eat! And no, I don't know what the kangaroo was doing in Iceland but let its fate be a warning to the others!) The whale steak looked like a beef steak but had a unique flavour all its own. I loved it. And before anyone says it...THERE IS NOTHING IN THE WORLD THAT TASTES LIKE CHICKEN EXCEPT CHICKEN!!!

Lisa Gallagher Apr 24, 2017 · #96

#95 You've tried more than me! I've never had ostrich or pheasant. I suppose I could have pheasant the next time my son in law goes bird hunting. I guess it tastes pretty good when he's done cooking it. I bet we've all had bugs unknowingly in our meals (particularly the type that fly into food during a picnic?) LOL!