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It's Not Your Time Yet

When I was 19 years old I went to bed one evening and found myself outside in front of my townhome the next morning. I had no idea how I ended up outside. I was fully dressed, the sun was shining radiantly,  and I could hear the birds chirping near and far.  The sky was a brilliant blue. The air had a scent of lilacs, one of my favorite flowers. I felt such a sense of calm. 

It's Not Your Time Yet

Suddenly, I looked up and I saw my father standing about 6 feet away from me. I was awe struck because my father passed away 8 years previously. I didn't feel any fear when I saw him, I just stared at him wondering why we were facing each other in front of my home. I was so excited to see my father and thought maybe the last 8 years were just a bad dream which I finally had awoken from. 

Our arms were reaching out towards each other

My father and I were speaking to each other but our mouths weren't moving. I understood every word he said. I remember both of our arms were reaching out towards the other but I wasn't able to run and hug him. 

He had a simple message to share

Again without our lips moving, my father spoke to me. He asked me to tell my mom he was at peace. When I tried to run to my father, he said, "It's not your time yet." I asked him what he meant when he told me it wasn't my time yet? He was already gone. I felt a bit sad that I wasn't able to give him one last hug but elated that I saw him and heard his voice again even though we spoke no words to each other. Yes, I was able to hear his voice. 

It's not your time yet... 

My father's words echoed and confused me. What did he mean it's not my time yet? I'm only 19, I hope it isn't my time yet. 

I woke up

I jumped out of bed and ran to the window. The sun was shining and I could still hear the birds chirping. My dad was nowhere to be seen. What just happened?  This did not feel like a dream at all. I saw multi-dimensional colors, smelled the scent of lilacs and I remember how fresh the morning air smelled.  My mother had dreams for years that my dad wasn't at peace but she would never share her entire dream. They were repetitive dreams and seemed to haunt her. I called her later that day to tell her about my 'dream,' and mom cried, then she thanked me for sharing what I did.  

It took me years to figure out his message to me

I used to ponder over my encounter with my father and one day it came to me. I realized when he told me it wasn't my time yet, he meant- if I would have been able to reach him and actually touch him,  I might have been leaving this dimension. It wasn't my time to die yet. I just wish he would have shared with me the noble things I needed to accomplish on earth before my time does arrive. All kidding aside, my mom shared with me years later that my message to her on that day about my father being at peace also gave her peace and she never had a bad dream about my father again. 

Many of you will probably read this and say, it was only a dream. I dream a lot and I must share, this did not feel like a dream in any sense of the word. I had another dream of him and my grandparents years later. My Aunt had the same exact dream (I let her tell me her dream first), even the scenery was the same. My dad was fishing off a pier and my grandparents were young again, sitting at a table sipping tea on a large outdoor patio overlooking the ocean. I had a feeling by the scenery I saw, they were back in Scotland. My Aunt felt the same, they were back home. My Aunt and I both saw the same colors in our dream too. The patio was white, the restaurant it was attached to was gray and my grandparents were young again. My grandmother was dressed to the nines in a beautiful dress with a lovely hat. My grandfather had his pipe to the side of his mouth with an Ascot cap on. Coincidence? I will leave that up to you, the reader. 

Allowed a glimpse?

To this day when I look back on the two dreams I had, I feel as though I was allowed a glimpse into the afterlife. I realize there are those who do not believe in an afterlife, but I can find no other way to explain my experiences. I want to add, I had not been thinking of my father- I was too focused on my boyfriend at the time. I will always treasure these two 'memories' I was left with after my dad's and grandparent's deaths.  Life is a mystery and I always love a good mystery, even if I will never be able to solve it. 

A photo of my dad when he was in his early 20's serving during the Korean War

It's Not Your Time Yet

Donna-Luisa Eversley 13/10/2016 · #33

Wow @Lisa Gallagher...very distinctive meeting with your dad. I do believe that for whatever the reason we do get a message from the ones we love when we need it. Beautiful post. I love the photo of your dad...

Lisa Gallagher 11/10/2016 · #32

#31 "dangerously," oh that means you must be on a roll @Ali Anani, glad to hear that!!

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#29 Thank you @Lisa Gallagher- I am "dangerously" better.

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Lisa Gallagher 11/10/2016 · #30

#27 Hi @debasish majumder, thanks for taking the time to read my buzz :))

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#26 Hi @Ali Anani, I hope you're feeling better?! Thank you, very kind of you to say. :)

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debasish majumder 11/10/2016 · #27

the art of story telling you have delicately dispensed. thank you very much for sharing such unique post Lisa Gallagher. enjoyed read.

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Life is a mystery and you beautified it with your lovely storytelling @Lisa Gallagher.

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