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Some Random Quirky Things About Me. How About You?

When I was young my mother used to tell my brother and I that we could go out into the woods behind my grandmother's home and dig a hole to China. We believed her and dug until our hands were hurting. I remember asking my brother, "If we can do this, do you think the Chinese people will be upside down?" "How will we be able to talk to them since we don't speak Chinese?" My brother said, "They probably speak our language too, so it won't be hard." The joke was on us, we spent 2 hours digging big holes while my mom and grandmother had time to chat without interruption, pretty creative idea mom! 

Some Random Quirky Things About Me. How About You?

I learned to use the internet in the 1990's. How many of you began using Windows 3.1? I barely remember those days. The first thing my husband showed me after learning how to log on was mIRC chat.  You would log on and find a server to connect to. This was back when there was only a dial up connection. They had many chat rooms with different categories. I can't believe I actually found this form of chat fun. I met a few people and they didn't live far from me. I was asked to help with a Golf Tournament for Penn State University and I agreed. I brought my daughter and we were put up in a hotel for 2 nights. All I had to do was stand at the 17th hole and measure the distance of the golf ball from the hole. After the tournament I met (and I NOW embarrassed to admit this), Jerry Sandusky and Joe Paterno.  The experience was quite fun actually. I'm curious, did anyone else use mIRC? I couldn't use it now, I'm sure I'd find it quite boring. 


                                    I'm not sure why I get a kick out of taking pictures of random things? 

I love to sing even though I can't hold a tune. I used to grab a hair brush when I was with my friends and pretend it was my mic, then bust out singing. I still sing all the time and I love to dance too. I dance in the evening after my husband goes to bed- no, I do not dance for him ;-)  And, when I'm really bored I take pictures of people on my TV screen and add funny things to their heads. Meet Carter Page, I think he's sleepy? 

I enjoy going out to eat alone on occasion. I have some control issues and one of those issues is that I always need to be the driver. I have a very hard time being a passenger. The last trip we took to Colorado, I drove from Colorado to Toledo Ohio before handing over the steering wheel and gas pedal to my husband. We did not drive straight through to Toledo. Oh my gosh, my arse and foot were very happy to be the passenger by that point in time. My husband didn't mind because he was able to get a lot of work done remotely while I drove. 

Last, I love old trivia. I saw this on TV tonight and thought I'd share it. This video reminded me of my first experience with the internet. It's funny if you can relate back to the 90's. Bryant Gumble and Katie Couric discussing the @ sign, it's meaning and more.  Let's just say, they were totally clueless about the internet back then! Hopefully, they know how to use it now. 

Okay, I know I shared just a few random things but I'd love it for others to share some random quirky stuff about yourselves. We all have our quirky sides and it's a fun way to get to know each other even more! I promise to share more in the comments if others do too. 

Ready, set........ GO!

Randall Burns Dec 6, 2017 · #42

#41 That's all good @Lisa 🐝 Gallagher We're all very busy. ;-)

Lisa Gallagher Dec 6, 2017 · #41

#40 Thats a great story @Randall Burns! Wieners in a thermos, sounds like your mom was really creative and you were able to enjoy a hot & tasty lunch while most kids were pulling out cold sandwiches lol. Sorry I missed your comment!

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Randall Burns Dec 1, 2017 · #40

HaHa! @Lisa 🐝 Gallagher, fun post, great video, I remember those days, "What's the internet?", we had an Apple desktop, early 90's.

Years before that while going to primary school i was the envy of the other other kids when we would have lunch and everyone would pull their thermos' out of their lunch box, open them and pour soup into the cup. I would open my thermos and pull out 2 steaming wieners put them on 2 sesame seed buns, dress them with mustard and relish and enjoy hot dogs for my lunch. ;-) (compliments of my mother).

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Lisa Gallagher Nov 27, 2017 · #39

#37 I would have went with pencil and paper over the dinosaur download too LOL. I remember the name Oric. Wow, we sure have come a long way!

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Lisa Gallagher Nov 27, 2017 · #38

#36 Our first computer sure looked like the Commodore and could have been! Oh I remember the crackling, the dialing sound and even the long beep......... I also remember feeling frustrated because you would get so much lag time and it disconnected all the time. I never heard of the show you posted but it appears it was before it's time. I may have to check it out, thanks @CityVP 🐝 Manjit

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Zacharias 🐝 Voulgaris Nov 27, 2017 · #37

When I got into computing, the best machine I could get access to was an Oric and all its programs were in cassette tapes (these magnetic tape plastic thingies that used to store music mainly). Back then, if you didn't know at least some programming, you couldn't even load your favorite program, plus you would have to be very patient as loading a program would take up to half an hour! No wonder that my preferred system to program on was pencil and paper! :-)

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CityVP Manjit Nov 27, 2017 · #36

We started out with the Commodore in the 90's so never mind Windows! The internet when it became "the thing" at the end of the 90's was therefore a scary thing for us because we thought the Commodore was the bees-knees when it first came out.

The whole idea of this "Internet" thing was mind-blowing in comparison, but that is what happens when one's world view is shaped by a machine with green letters :-) I remember the crackling sound of my first modem in 1998 and when I realized what the Internet was, I have never looked back since.

I did not pay attention to the operating system we were using at the time, but it must have been Windows. Back in the day I was first gobsmacked by the Commodore (which seems ridiculous now) and then by the introduction of Netscape Browser. No wonder I eat up all the episodes that were made of Halt and Catch Fire between 2014 and 2017.

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Claire L Cardwell Nov 27, 2017 · #35

#15 @Paul "Pablo" Croubalian - not to mention getting snarled up in shipping lanes or nibbled on by a shark!

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