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Tales Of A Long Over Due Vacation - The Outer Banks Felt Like home

With Photos

September 30th creeped up on me very fast. Some of you already know that Pamela 🐝 Williams and I planned to meet for the very first time in Nags Head, North Carolina- pretty bold first meeting! We actually met up on October 1st but I left the day before because I had a 10.5 hour drive. I used to be able to drive 12 hours in one day without any problems and I'd blame my it on my age for the decline in my ability to driver longer hours but no.... I'm going to blame it on traveling a lot over the past 25 years instead!  I stopped in Richmond Virginia at the Residence Inn for the night before hitting Nags Head the next day. I had a lovely room, the hotel staff was extremely friendly and once I caught my bearings after driving for 7.5 hours, I asked for a recommendation for casual dining. I must have had that 'look,' because the first place the guy at the front desk told me about was a pub without door seating. How did he know I was actually hoping to find a place like that and within less than a mile from my hotel? I sat outdoor while music played, watching a younger crowd, dance, talk, drink, drink some more and become louder while enjoying my Malbec and food. Did I mention I love to people watch?  The only issue I encountered, I forgot my cell phone and I love having it with me if I'm dining alone. I mean, come on, it kills time and I don't look as though I'm gawking at others while I sit in solitude. 

I woke up the next morning, had my coffee, took my time getting ready and took off to head to the Outer Banks. The drive was a bit boring until I hit the Island but at least it was a quiet drive. I could smell and taste the ocean as I got closer. I went over a few large bridges on my way in, just love bridges! My daughter hates them, she fears heights and seeing water on both sides. Pam lives about 4.5 hours from the beach and we would chat off and on as I was headed in. She was ahead of me with driving time so I had a few choice words for her when she'd tell me, "I'm only 30 miles from Nags Head now," - My reply, you brat, stop... I'm jealous, I still have 75 more miles or so.  As soon as I left my home, my stress stayed behind

Finally, I was closing in on our Condo, I was only 1/2 a block away and when I pulled in I saw Pam sitting in her car waiting! We both hugged each other as soon as we got out of our cars and then went inside to inspect our Condo- it was fantastic!  We both unpacked our cars immediately and after we were settled decided on a place to eat. We ended up going to Bassnights Lone Cedar Cafe.  The food and atmosphere was fantastic, great start to our vacation.  The Restaurant is Oceanfront and they even grow their own herbs and some vegetables too!  We headed back to the Condo and my beach day(s) began the next day!  

View from Bassnights Restaurant 

Tales Of A Long Over Due Vacation - The Outer Banks Felt Like home

Pam brought her computer and an extra monitor to do work early in the morning and at night. Sadly, she encountered issues that needed her detail during the week and she was tethered for a good 4 days to her computer. She handled it well but I felt bad because I would tell her I'm going to go here, or do this or that while she worked. She assured me it was OK. 

I walked the beach almost daily and averaged 3 miles per day on the beach with the exception of 2 days. I was in my element. I'd be in top notch shape if I had the beach / ocean at my back door!  

Here are a few photos from my daily walks on the beach

I headed over to Manteo on Roanoke Island, here are some photos from my day trip. Quaint Town, great boardwalk with beautiful views and easy exercise! I took a lot of photos from the boardwalk and in town. I will leave you with a few. 

Sorry to the dude on the Water Board, I don't know him but it made for a great photo op.

I stopped at a Pub/Brewery in Manteo called the Lost Colony. Great place to just chill, people watch and take in the scenery around you. I chose to sit on the outdoor patio and yes, you will see my purse in a photo (my husband made fun of me for leaving my purse on the table).  The brie was so tasty, it came with a cranberry sauce, homemade bread, apples, shaved almonds and balsamic vinegar. A few guys I know, like to call it ball slapping vinegar?! 

On my way back from Manteo I called Pam and asked if she wanted to meet up for dinner. We decided on Millers Ocean front Restaurant. Again, great food and so relaxing because we ate outdoors over looking the ocean. Here is a view from the end of the Pier which was a step down from the out door patio we were sitting on. 

I've only been to the Outer Banks in NC one time before this trip. We stayed with my brother and his wife in the 4x4 section which was a trip, literally. We had to rent a 4x4 vehicle and drive 3.5 miles down the beach and over dunes to get to our rental. Needless to say, we didn't have a lot of time to spend away from the home because you really wouldn't want to drive the beach at night. So, I decided if I ever go back I wanted to check out the town of Duck, NC and I did! Duck has a lot of shops with a very long boardwalk which extends far beyond the shops and they are all Oceanfront. It was all about the ambiance for me, not shopping. I will admit, I bought a pair of earrings while I was there but out of guilt because I had to use the restroom and went inside a Jewelry store- it cost me 21.00 to use it. Ok, 21.00 after I bought the earrings out of guilt. Here are my photos from Duck.

Saw this little guy on a tree stump out in the swamp- Duck, NC

My day in Duck wasn't complete until I watched the sunset over the Ocean.

Fishing Tournament on Nags Head Beach the day before we left to travel back home. 


                                           Our last dinner out was at the Nags Head Pier (outdoors of course)

                                           called Captain Andy's. The food was excellent, I had a Fried Oyster PoBoy.

Hated to say goodbye to the Turbulent yet, calming Ocean.  It's amazing how stress can leave your body, as if the waves are taking it all away from you. 

Until we meet again Nags Head! The last photo was taken as I was driving out of Manteo off the Island back to Nags Head. I know, I know- I shouldn't take photos while driving but I couldn't resist. 

I had a great time. No worries, just relaxation. I hope Pam brought home some great memories too. I'd post a photo of both of us but she didn't like the photo's I took of us!  I'm glad we were able to meet and thankful for our vacation which went by way too fast but then again, don't they always fly by?!! Thank you for making this trip possible Pam! 

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#50 Thanks @Moi Kliniger, Id love to live there! I'll be sure to catch the ferry, Ive had friends tell me its a great day trip! Hows the weather now?

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#45 Thanks @Jerry Fletcher, sorry I just noticed there were a few new comments.

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#47 ha ha I love the sound of it already. Thanks Pam. I shall check out the book.

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Pamela 🐝 Williams Oct 19, 2017 · #47

#36 I can recommend the book I read: The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F**k. It's actually a really fun and interesting read and you'll definitely laugh. It's all about choosing our values carefully and this simple fact: choose carefully what we give a F*** about and examining our real values. If you don't care for colorful language, this is definitely not the book to read! :-)

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Paul Walters Oct 19, 2017 · #46

@Lisa 🐝 Gallagher Thanks for taking us along for the ride

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Jerry Fletcher Oct 17, 2017 · #45

LIsa, thanks for a glimpse into how to get away find relaxation and friendship. Great read and I love the pictures.

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#38 How exciting that you @Savvy Raj and @🐝 Fatima G. Williams are going to meet in Dubai! Dubai looks gorgeous, what a fun place to meet. Is there a link to Franci's meets and greets or is it a hive? I use so many hives I lose track of what is available. Glad you enjoyed

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